BlastMonkey wrote:
Linking pierce with raise spectre does not seem to have an effect despite the skill description stating "minions have x% increased chance of projectiles piercing".
This is correct - it doesn't seem to have an effect. It does actually have an effect, but your client doesn't know that so you won't see it unless you manage to notice the other monsters behind the one hit taking damage.
It's a known issue with serisalising stats. e're hoping to be able to do this soon, but for now it only works on the server.
This is actually more of an effects and animation feedback, but I find when building a pierce bow hero, there is not enough feedback for the player to determine if the primary target was actually struck by the attack.

With no pierce, one could shift-attack at a mob and when the arrow stops at a target, one could reasonably assume the target was hit without having to highlight it.

With pierce equipped, the arrow animation will continue through the primary target (as it should), but the confidence the closest target was actually damaged is much lower.

I wonder if it could be possible to have a target flash, or provide some other visual (and audible) indication of a successful attack...
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Does it stack with the pierce passive skill?
Yes, just like everything else in the game.
Love this gem, basically allows me to multi-target with power siphon without spending too much mana. Amazing. Check my thread in sig if you want to see this gem in action.
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Mechanics question on Pierce:

If a projectile pierces the first target, is it considered to be another, separate attack for the 2nd hit?

The reason I ask is, if I couple this with Lightning Arrow, will the piercing arrow be able to re-apply the extra damage rolls to the same target the original arrow did?

Edit for clarity:

It is my understanding that if Multiple Projectiles is applied to LA, and it "spreads" to 4 additional targets, if a the additional projectiles will not "spread" the damage again to the targets it already hit - as it is all counted as one attack.

Does the same apply to pierce? Is it all one attack, and unable to spread the damage to already affected targets?
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Mark_GGG wrote:
Xulfer wrote:
I've combined my Lesser Multiple Projectiles gem with my lightning arrow, causing 3 lightning arrows to be fired.

Now, my understanding of lightning arrow is that it hits and causes damage to nearby mobs. So, if the arrow splits into 3 and hits 3 mobs that are close enough for the AoE, I believe that each arrow should cause AoE damage to the nearby mobs.

I've tested this briefly and the damage does not appear to stack up like this. Please can anyone confirm if they experience the same and if so, is this intended?
Each arrow can hit something only once. Each explosion can hit something only once. An explosion can't hit the final target of it's arrow (the one it exploded on).
However, if two enemies are close enough together, and both are hit by arrows from the same lightning arrow shot, each can be caught in the explosion of the other, as well as taking the damage from the arrow that hit them.
Also, even with just one arrow it's possible to have it pierce through enemy A (arrow damages A), and this can cause an explosion hitting enemy B, behind him (explosion damages B). Then because the arrow pierced A, it will travel through and hit B (arrow damages B), causing an explosion that can hit A (explosion damages A).
In that case the one arrow hit each of them with an arrow hit and an explosion in total, but each arrow hit and each explosion only hit one at a time.
Thanks, I should have dug a little deeper I guess.
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When using this skill with Fireball, I am not entirely sure if the AoE explosion is registering on all targets as the projectile is passing through them.

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