Repentance gloves?

Can someone explain me whats up with the repentance gloves?
I have checked every league on for them, but i cant find them anywhere. Are they actually in the game, or is it a error of some sort?
I have not seen one yet, but you can try a "cheapier" version: doedre´s tenure. The reduction in cast speed may even out the more spell damage though.
IGN: ThaPendulum
doedres tenure doesnt even come close, like 40 spell dmg vs 200, thats quite the difference
I need to do re-calculate then: thought around 300 strength yielded about 60% more spell damage only.
IGN: ThaPendulum
obviously i intent to get way more than 300 str with iron will :P
ic, I know people with str based chars, but they did not keep a reasonably high intel simultaneously, good luck with your build, sounds interesting.
IGN: ThaPendulum
I was intending to use astramentis, covers all the dex i need, most of the int and the str will be converted to additional dmg and more life. It should allow me to get 40+ str on any other piee. Since repentance gloves do not seem to exist i suppose i will just use the actual gem for now, get meginord gloves and try to corrupt those with ele weakness
yeah those gloves are not listed in xyz, even tried using the crusader as a base: perhaps someone from GGG could comment on that. Which skill are you planning as main?
IGN: ThaPendulum
I guess ill try mailing support or something, but for now ill try to work around it.
I was trying to make a firestorm character, i figured RF/IW would be a nice way to scale it
This item has not been added to the game.

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