[3.19 Updated] Ajido's Aesthetically Pleasing Loot Filter


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If you like the way the filter looks but want to change the functionality, I'd be happy to help with adding/changing things to your liking. Just reply and let me know what you'd like changed.

Also the easiest way to get in touch with me if you need help is either on Reddit or Twitter.

Reddit: reddit.com/user/Ajido/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/xAjido
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I made a quick edit to add Titanium Spirit Shields to the chancing section. As well as having itemlevel 75+ Magic Rings/Amulets/Belts show up. They'll have the default magic color background with a red border used for other 75+ ilvl items.
Looks great!
Rainbowvomit wrote:
Looks great!

Glad you like it, I made an edit today to only show RGB chrome items that are width 1/height 3, like daggers/wands, or 2x2 boots/gloves/helms, etc, but only for itemlevel 68 and above. The logic here is that at these item levels you'll be mapping and primarily picking up rares, jewelry to craft with and potential chanceable items, most people won't want bulky 2x3/4 chrome items filling up the inventory in a map. Chromes of any size will be shown from item levels 1 through 67.

The code can be found here or in the original post:

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UPDATE: http://pastebin.com/HRPRVczu


Filter now hides Scroll Fragments along with Alteration Shards, useful for those pesky Transmogrifying Tempests.
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I had some Alchemy Shards drop in a Transmogrifying Map, I could potentially add those to the filter but I don't think I will since they tend to be fewer and add up to something slightly more valuable. Feel free to leave feedback on the filter, and if you have any requests I have help you out with the code to make it more suitable to you.
After last night's patch, Transmogrifying is a bit less annoying in both duration and now the shards stack themselves. They only stack per item though, so if a boss were to drop twenty items, it'd still be quite messy to look at. I'm likely going to keep the Scroll Fragment being hidden, but am considering unhiding the Alteration Shards. I'd like some opinions to see what others prefer. Stay hidden or show?
I updated the filter to hide Normal and Magic "Moonstone Ring", as it's an item I and many others aren't interested in. The first post has the updated link, you can also get it here:


If you want it to show them, open the filter and Ctrl + F, search for "Moonstone Ring" and delete it.
I made some fairly important additions to the loot filter which can be found here or in the first post. These did not impact most players since they were not running top tier maps, but it's important these items are shown for when/if you eventually do:


Change Log

- Item Level 83 or higher Rares now have a larger font in comparison to lower Item Level Rares to make them stand out a bit more.

- All of the top tier bases for both Armour and Weapons that are Item Level 83 or higher are now displayed with larger fonts, this includes both Normal and Magic items.

- Both Normal and Magic Jewelry that are Item Level 83 or higher are displayed with larger fonts.
New Update:


With the 2.0.1 patch, the Alert Volume can go up to 300, 175 sounded fine to me so I've updated the alert sounds in the filter to go to 175.

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