[2.1.0] CI FLICKER STRIKER - 737k Splash // >1.0m SingleTarget - HIGH-END DPS & CLEARSPEED


Flicker's dead? Nope. Far from it.

This build is an end game variant of the classic Flicker Striker, optimized for superior clear speed and high mobility with a good bit of fun. It is not meant for leveling or for beginners as the currency requirement alone is already somewhat ridiculous. If you're into Flicker Strike and you don't want to blow a couple of hundred exalteds check the forums, there are several 2H RT Flicker guides that are also absolutely viable and a lot of fun.

After the Blood Rage nerf coming with 2.0 (now only a 25% chance to generate a Frenzy charge on kill plus phys degen instead of chaos degen) a lot of people proclaimed the end of Flicker Strike as a viable option. I gave it a try anyway and well, it still works pretty damn fine. In packs keeping up your charges isn't a problem 99% of the time. In case of need we bring along Poachers Mark as well as Frenzy (for longer boss fights) to stack up on Frenzy and/or Power charges. With the introduction of Deterministic Lockstep the major drawback of this build - desync - once and for all has been eliminated. So let's get this party going...

+ ridiculous DPS
+ ridiculous clearspeed
+ fun to play

- ridiculously expensive
- almost no defense whatsoever

Ridiculous DPS & ridiculous clearspeed? Yep, this build's got just that. With our high DPS and high agility Flicker Strike we clear maps in no time, burst down bosses like it's nothing. The clear downsides are the lack of defense and the extremely high cost of this build, talking 500ex+. Our main defense is our high DPS and our mobility, you'll have to learn to micro a lot, expect and anticipate enemy and boss attacks and avoid them accordingly. But once you get the hang of it this build is just pure joy.

With the addition of an lv4 Enlighten, +1 Rainbowstrides and some optimizations we are able to run Herald of Ash along Hatred and Discipline for massive clear speed and stupid high DPS. But let's have a look at the raw numbers:

With Splash, Atziris Promise, Taste of Hate & Vaal Haste (737k DPS)

With WED instead of Splash, with Atziris Promise, Taste of Hate & Vaal Haste (1.07mil single target DPS)

Abyssus DPS
This is just for the lulz - with Abyssus and some other stuff (2.04mil max single target DPS)

Our gear is somewhat self-explanatory as these are the high end Flicker's staples. Horror Skewer is a high end mirrored dagger that provides us with the damage per hit we need. Atziris Splendour with a high ES roll is a really decent chest that offers a balanced stat requirement and by this enables us to easily roll flicker colors (RRRRRG) on it without blowing through 20ex of chromatics, plus the 100 Mana on kill are a nice addition. Atziris Acuity are BiS for the gloves as the instant leech, especially mana leech, is mandatory to keep this build up and running. For boots we went with +1 Strides as those are widely available and enable us - along with a lv4 Enlighten - to run Discipline, Hatred and Herald of Ash. HoA not only massively enhances our tooltip DPS but also our clear speed as it burns down remaining low hp mobs. For the rest of the gear we're looking for flat phys, WED and Acc on the Rings as well as on the amulet.

Jewel wise we're looking for CC, Mana leech, Multi and IAS. Feel free to add resistances if you see need. For flasks we're running Atziri's Promise and Taste of Hate for somewhat spammable flasks, for bosses we add Lion's Roar for that extra boost of damage. As we are not running Dream Fragments a Surgeon's Flask of Heat is absolutely mandatory, we also bring along a Surgeon's Quicksilver Flask of Staunching for those nasty bleed/CB stacks.

Seek and destroy. Flicker Strike is our main damage skill. Linked with Multistrike, Melee Damage on Full Life, Melee Physical Damage, Added Fire and Splash Damage we use it for 95% of the time, even bosses are easily doable with that combination. If you want that extra edge switch Splash for Weapon Elemental Damage for even more DPS to stomp down bosses with ease.

Our utility department. Blood Rage linked with Enhance gives us 25% to gain a Frenzy charge on kill as well as some rather decent leech. I am running Ice Golem to give me more CC and Accuracy. Feel free to switch Ice Golem for the golem of your taste.

Burn and shatter. This 4L is taken by our auras - Discipline, Hatred and Herald of Ash. Discpline boosts our ES by ~1300ES while Hatred and Herald of Ash are one of our main DPS boosts. All 4 gems are set in the +1 Rainbowstrides boots to boost Enlighten to lv4 and enabling us to run those 3 Auras at the same time. If you can't afford +1 Strides and the Enlighten you can still run Discipline and Hatred along with a lv3 Enlighten in a 3L.

Relocate and Reload. This 4L is dedicated to our movement skill Whirling Blades as well as Frenzy which helps us recharge our Frenzy charges in long boss fights. We link them with Fortify to achieve the Fortify buff as well as PCoC to generate Power charges (if needed).

Curse and Boost. This 4L is our curse & boost setup. Poachers Mark linked with Increased AoE and Increased Duration gives us a higher chance of receiving a Frenzy charge on kill on cursed enemies. Useful for replenishing your Frenzy charges if you're running low on those. Vaal Haste linked with Increased Duration is useful for a short DPS boost when in boss fights.

Our defences. Yep, this is all we carry for defences. Cast when Damage taken linked with Immortal call and Increased duration helps us mitigate at least a bit of burst damage when running into phys reflect or else.


Updated for 2.1. Your run-of-the-mill CI Crit build right there. Witch would be somewhat more efficient, still Scion offers an almost free jewel slot right at the start so the choice is yours. Branch out to the top right, picking up CI, Arcane Focus and the ES nodes at the witch start. Work your way towards Ghost Reaver and Adders Touch, then work your way down via Coldhearted Calculation, Assassination and Quickness towards Heartseeker. Foresight is our bridge towards the left side, heading to Disemboweling and Unwavering Stance which is essential for CI builds.

tl;dr 116% ES (still working on that), 640% CC, 200% Multi, Unwavering

Videos are all from 2.0, as the build's spec hasn't changed the videos are still fully reflecting this build's capabilites and clear speed.

76 Arid Lake

77 Plateau

79 Academy FRACTURE

79 Village Ruin

80 Pier (Zana Mission)

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Seems interesting.

Two questions though:
1) How do you level until you pick CI? Could you give some intermediary steps?
2) What did you do for the bandits? All > Oak > Kraityn?
How about 2h weapon? Is it real?
Imladir wrote:
Seems interesting.

Two questions though:
1) How do you level until you pick CI? Could you give some intermediary steps?
2) What did you do for the bandits? All > Oak > Kraityn?

Level life based, spec into life/crit and then respec from life into CI somewhere around your mid 70s. Bandits are All - All - Kraityn, you definitely want that extra Frenzy Charge to have a bigger buffer.
Hey some quick questions:

Is this viable as a shadow?

Why don't you pick up increased defenses from shield +block nodes?
This are my gears what u think about my gears?

my max dps is 47k with fliker why ?
and i was thinking about use blood dance boots 25%+ to get frenzy
This are my gears what u think about my gears?

my max dps is 47k with fliker why ?
and i was thinking about use blood dance boots 25%+ to get frenzy
ExoduSS_ wrote:
Hey some quick questions:

Is this viable as a shadow?

Why don't you pick up increased defenses from shield +block nodes?

Shadow is definitely not optimal as you'll have to waste quite a bit of nodes to access the tree at the required spot(s). The best class for this build would be a Witch as you start directly next to the ES% nodes and don't waste any nodes. I just went with a scion bc it was my highest available char, that's all.

justasaint wrote:
my max dps is 47k with fliker why ?

Keep in mind my screenshots are with all buffs up (Atziri Flask, Taste of Hate, Fortify + Vaal Haste) so the pure numbers you see are a bit inflated. Furthermore you are using a Dream Fragments instead of two diamond rings and an amulet without flat phys, changing that to an amulet with flat phys + cc/multi and maybe some %WED on it will give you a rather huge boost.
Nice guide. In your place i would use phys to light instead of ICD, it reduces your leech but with shock it gives you +50% to all dmg (phys included).

Furthermore (i was flicker that's why i'm talking about) i would use CoE with spell dmg shield, and a tree like this:


Huge boost to dmg and more survivability thx to shield nodes. Really no need of unwavering stance if you pick up heart of oak, trust me.
Just my 2 cents
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How do you generate Endurance charges without Enduring cry?

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