2.0.0b Patch Notes

I knew frost blades were just a little too bleh.
"If they actually showed gameplay with it zoomed out and then zoomed it in for the real one I think there would be actual riots in the street. I think that people would burn the building down."
Qarl wrote:
MiniOreo69 wrote:
fix the download problem too :/

What download problems are you having?

the download stops for some file that isnt working, then i start the download and another archive is not working, if this happen again ill send you screenshots
Hey Carl, thanks for the ultra fast patch. 1 question though: is it normal for Frost Blades to do nothing if one shift-clicks with no enemy on the cursor?
https://www.pathofexile.com/theawakening/skills says for Frost Blades:
"When the strike lands, shimmering razors of ice erupt out in all directions, chilling and damaging nearby enemies"

Are the secondary blades supposed to travel in any direction after the impact, or just to the cone 'behind' the target similar to Ice Shot? They seem to be doing the latter.
Please fix freezing issues as it's effecting quite a few people -


Also getting font related, out of memory errors that are annoying. The game is unplayable for some.
give back EB and reduced mana thank you
The game keep crashing on startup after this patch. (Win 8.1 64 bit) Clearing config and cache did not work. I'm trying to packcheck and maybe redownload content.ggpk. Will update if that works.

Update 1: Packcheck also crashed. Looks like ggpk got corrupted after the patch.
Update 2: .c patch still same issues. Redownloading ggpk now.
Update 3: Redownloaded. Now run normally.
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Qarl wrote:
This has been deployed as a restartless patch. Closing and reopening your client will update it.
I think you and I have different ideas of what "restartless" means.
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I think you and I have different ideas of what "restartless" means.

Well, it's worth noting that they didn't have to restart the server AT ALL in order to apply it, which is good, because patching a server usually, at the quickest, means at least 10-15 minutes' of downtime, plus interrupting everyone who was just about to finish Malachai off...
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rabidcow wrote:
"Fixed a bug where the Malachai fight would sometimes not complete the first stage"

Maybe this info was already available, but fighting Malachai is a huge spoiler for me, and I'm sure others. This is the first line of the patch notes? Really? You couldn't have said "a boss fight, see full notes for possible spoiler" or something? I'm kinda too bummed out to even play now....super excited about new and mysterious content and bam, spoiler in .5 seconds, thanks

you think that's bad? the notifications "x reached area y first" etc. - which you can't turn off! - SPOIL pretty much the entire 4th act for you!
since I have no hope for significant game design improvements in this game I am officially done with Path of Exile. done for good
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