Two More Upcoming Unique Weapons

Last time we showed off some of the new Unique Items coming in The Awakening, we displayed some gap-filling low-level weapons. But we know that high-level weapons are some of the most exciting, so today we've got two new one-handed weapons designed by supporters.

There are many more yet that we've not shown off that you can look forward to getting your hands on in The Awakening.

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Grinding Gear Games
Finally some love for one hand maces!
My little tribute to Diablo 1 aka why Diablo 3 is the worst part of the series.

ig: Witchfire_The_Unholy
Hi mom, hi dad!

Can't wait for the release!
Aww yeah!
.-. .. -.- ..- -.- .-.. .- -.-- - --- -.
Sick Lobstermace!
now if only i could try them out now..
But i will wait!
>> Allow Home and End keys to quickly travel through the Stash!!!
art looks really bad, really really bad
The sceptre looks interesting

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