End of One Month Torment/Bloodlines Leagues and Announcement of Five Day Solo Leagues (Updated!)

UPDATE: You're right. 25 additional key prizes have been added as a random draw for players who reach level 70 in either event. Check the event threads for more information.
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Hyped for the Selffound Race :)
Hype, thanks for the event!
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It will be fascinating to see how this self found thing turns out.
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Looking forward to the five day event. :)
Now that prestige classes will finally leave lab in 4.0, will GGG get it right this time or will they find new ways to repeat old mistakes?
Looking forward to this one :)
page 1?!?!

Not a big fan of this since I have a JOB! Les go RNG get me my beta key! :)
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So they aren't Atziri-like pieces? (I didn't see the global chat clue)
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page 1

to the guy that said no raffle for the no lifers. what do you think the 5minute timer is if it isnt a raffle?
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