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Guild Name/Tag: [XÆA12] Precarious Preturbatours
Guild Region: Americas
Guild language: English
Guild League(s): Heist
Guild Leader(s): VH_CL4P_TP
Current Number of Members: 4
Official Forum thread: none
Official Website: none
Guild's focus: Dumbassery
About Us: Shotgun Bow
My IGN is: iI_RanGeR_Ii
I have read the charter.
I have not completed any challenges yet this league as I got a late start, but plan on completing as many as possible
Guild Name/Tag: BURGER / Tag: BURGER
Guild Region: Asia
Guild language: English / Filipino
Guild League(s): Standard, 98% League Players
Guild Leader(s): LeknaaTrueRune
Current Number of Members: 100
Official Forum thread: NA
Official Website: NA - will be on messenger or discord
Guild's focus: Casual gaming, 40 challenges and friendship
About Us: Filipino guild open for all players in POE. Must be happy to share extra items, help guildmates, pursue challenges.
No to conditional challenges on top of RNG pure luck mechanics.
DIVINE is recruiting PM me!
Guild leader of Apotheosis for more information about the guild:
Guild Name/Tag: Verdant Coven / expected tag Coven
Guild Region: North America
Guild Language: English
Guild Leagues: Standard softcore and League Softcore
Guild leader: AmethystNightHeart
Current Number of Members: 5
Official Forum thread:
Official Website: N/A - discord in forum post.
Guild Focus: Casual gaming, Sense of Community, Improvement, fun.
About us: Heya! We're Verdant Coven, a new guild just looking for members who want to have fun, socialize, and help each other. verdant pastures await here!
Apologies, Will be updating this thread regularly and enter all the posts above.

On a side note, Umbra Exiles - Recruiting for Ritual League/Echoes of the Atlas
Recruiting for Archnemesis League/Siege of the Atlas!
Umbra Exiles:
The Official Path of Exile Guild Directory:
Guild Name/Tag: GirlsClub <GRLCLB>
Guild Region: Global most people are NA though
Guild language: English
Guild League(s): League Softcore
Guild Leader(s): Shnurr214
Current Number of Members: 30
Official Forum thread:
About Us: We are a small softcore trade league centric guild that is looking to recruit some new players for ritual league

The Girls Club Softcore Trade Guild looking to recruit a few extra people to play with at ritual start and join the guild. We are doing some group play shenanigans but if you just want to chill and hang out thats cool as well.
-chill environment
-pretty friendly group and we try to help eachother out
-we are mostly NA players but have eu members
-are mostly semi casual but usually go pretty degenerate the first week
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Guild Name/Tag: Collective Regime
Guild Region: North America
Guild language: English
Guild League(s): Ritual
Guild Leader(s): Chicoswavey
Current Number of Members: 30
Official Forum thread:
Official Website:
Guild's focus: Softcore league farming & challenges completion
About Us: Starting a new guild, building up for discord players to group together and farm maps and complete challenges in softcore league. We have veteran players of path and are looking to grow as a place for people looking for mature folks to game with.
Last edited by Chicoswavey on Jan 16, 2021, 4:31:16 PM
Can i join ur guild?Im pretty active and co-op. Nick RappedByFPS tnx
Hallo zusammen! Wir sind 5 Dudes und suchen für diese (und vorallem nächste und folgende) Leagues einen Mitspieler. Ziel ist es, in den ersten Tagen der neuen Leagues eine volle Farmgruppe zu bauen und die erste Woche full-delirium Maps (ähnlich Empy) zu farmen, sodass jeder für den Rest der League ausgesorgt hat. Wenn ihr POE schon eine Weile spielt und Lust auf eine Riesen-Gaudi habt, könnt ihr mir jederzeit eine PM schicken. Wir sind momentan (in Ritual) eine volle Gruppe (Carry, 4 Supports), könnten aber noch einen MF-Char gebrauchen, um das Maximum auszuschöpfen. So könnte man auch testen, ob es für zukünftige Leagues passt. Let's go!

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