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Guild Name/Tag: [Dii]
Guild Region: EU/US
Guild language: English
Guild League(s): Temp Leagues/Standard
Guild Leader(s): Dacar92 (main is magnun_greel)
Current Number of Members: 63
Official Forum thread:
Official Website:
Guild's focus: Mapping, leveling

We are under new management, trying to rebuild
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Looking for a casual, friendly and mature guild in EU.

Old ... no wait... experienced gamer! (Norwegian if you must know)

Played PoE for abit when it was in the very early stages - just came back and having a blast - but would like some ppl to play and chat with.

I play at somewhat irregular times, but play atleast a little bit every day. I Like all aspects of the game. Consider myself, in general, a fairly skillfull player.

Have a totally awesome day!
Looking for a HC Guild in EU.

I'm 23, only play challenge leagues. Playtime is 3-4hours daily, more on the weekend. I'd prefer a guild with a Teamspeak.
New player, experienced in these types of games though, a SUPER long time Diablo player. Coming to PoE looking for something fun and fresh. Hoping to find a guild of active dudes that are into chatting and being laid back, as well as helping a noob learn the ropes. I'm twenty three and live in Oregon. My name is Chris and I look forward to hearing from someone!
<JUGZ> Texas Rangers

Go ahead list mine on here too if you wouldn't mind. How did some of them get colored text?

Guild Name/Tag: <JUGZ> Texas Rangers

Guild Region: Mostly US but have a few EU members who speak English

Guild language: English

Guild League(s): Perandus SC

Guild Leader(s): CoinHunter (me)

Current Number of Members: 30 (upgrading to at least 40 soon, first $$ was spent on 2 tab stash)

Official Forum thread:

Official Website: none yet but if you'd like to contribute one you'd be guaranteed Officer rank

Guild's focus: Social Guild, helping new players and sharing loot.

About Us: We're friendly and everyone is welcome to join. Have 2 tab stash and a TeamSpeak server. PM CoinHunter ingame if interested.
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Would you please add our guild to that list? Here's all the info.

Guild Name/Tag: Tea Party (TPARTY)
Guild Region: Europe
Guild language: English
Guild League(s): New leagus (not playing in Standard) Mostly softcore!
Guild Leader(s): Ainuayan (
Current Number of Members: 7
Official Forum thread:
Official Website: -
Guild's focus: Playing leagues! Chill play, party sometimes and help new people.

Guild purpose

Our main focus will be socializing. Why? 'Cause great fun comes with knowing the people you play with. This allows to create builds that help each other, helps discovering your build's full potential and reminds you that PoE can be played with people not just in a party, but also by sharing information.

League starts

This guild would also benefit all players at the start of the league, as we could trade items and gems at the start.

Newbie friendly

Are you new to this game? Feel free to join us. We will try to help as much as we can, providing info and ideas or helping you understand the mechanics


For now, we will not be aiming for high level mapping. If we get a group or two, that's fine, but it's not our main goal.

That's all the info I can provide.

Thank you in advance!
Make lab optional! Give us another way to get the ascendancy points we need.

HMM Guess I havent signed up...OK ILL get the info together...Thanks
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Guild: eclectic gaming council. Diversity is our first name
RIP_Sunder LFG US region for PHC.
30 years old, played for a while, played D3 since release. Looking for chill and social.
23, US East Coast. Playing on standard and Perandus. Playing since start of Talisman

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Guild Name/Tag:AP3
Guild Region:Estonia
Guild language:Eesti
Guild League(s):Standart/Perandus Standart
Guild Leader(s):kiiredkaed
Current Number of Members:4
Official Forum thread:
Official Website:---
Guild's focus:Help,chat n chill.
About Us:At moment 4 friends alone looking for more members.

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