† Team IMBA † EU HC Prophecy - Hardcore Challenge League only Clan! | not recruiting atm!! |

Hey, Team ImbalanceD is a small band of 38 exiles playing only the Hardcore Challenge Leagues.
We are a Challenge Hardcore Only Clan and most of our members lay their focus on fresh economies and try to race to toptier for complete sellout.

Since we are not hundreds of players, or ever will become so many, we need to work closer together than other teams. We need Teamplayers for our Mapping Teams, so we expect some teamwork and the joy for party play.
If you have friends you play with and just want to wear a cool tag, this is not the place for you.
But if you want to play with a group, feel teamplay, don´t have fear to ask for map joins and want to be part of something special, this might be the place for you.

So we have some requirements we set for new players:
.)you should not be afraid to play in a party with your clan

.)no need to be a born pro but you should be a bit experienced in game

.)you should have teamspeak and a mic, we got the server. no need for 24/7 online massacres, but at least show some presence. As a small Team we need to know the Members and TS helps here a lot.

.)respect the members and the playerbase of the game. be friendly, strong and helpful.

Show you wear the IMBA tag for good reason.

What we offer:
bad company
mapping teams
lot's of loots
shady trades
alot of crazy guys
Teamspeak 3 HQ Server
Players who map from low to high tiers
Guild Stash full of junk
sometimes even fun

If you are interested, give it a try and leave a msg, send a pm or spam us ingame:
onehitwonder__, flwsck, thevoid, peilord, Moshu, or GrafZeppelin
hucknroll gentlemen!
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welcome vylyn!

Hey there,

i started playing Poe for about 3 weeks now. And am currently very much enjoying Bloodlines. But playing solo for the most part. which starts getting boring for me.

im from germany and 27 years old, so im searching a guild which fits in my time zone and also has a mature enough playerbase for playing the game together.

You may likely seem to be that guild i'm searching for ;)

- TS is no problem
- IGN: NoPantsReloaded (Lvl 44 Incinerate Templer atm.)
- Had 2 other Chars but they died :D
up like a boss
you heard the man!

I'll join

I play the hc temp leagues and pretty much want exactly what you want so hit me up. I tried contacting you but none of the names listed are online and one does not exist.

Im only 47 at the minute as I just started yesterday as just got back from holiday and i've been unpacking and sorting some shit out but - ill be playing for like 4-12 hours most days for the next 6 weeks so ill be around.

After that ill still be playing here and there but i start work and its going to be intensive.

Experience wise I have played a long time and took part in all hc challenge leagues since Nemesis. I was still playing SC for Onslaught.

Need EU guild thats based on comunity and not like 100 members so this sounds good. I been using mumble but TS isn't a problem.

ign: Dexie

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