quiting, free crap ONLINE NOW

dont come here looking for a shavs or anything crazy but hey its free. this is how it works, reply here and ill msg ing and give you 2x trade windows of crap. it will be alot of skill gems and low lvl uniques but there is some good stuff. some high lvl gems. you must take all in the trade screen and you can look at it all after. dont want to spend 5 mins in each trade screen while you look over everything. person who posts the funniest joke will get my current equiped gear.

already gave away like 30c palace map and couple alphas, if you get something good post it when you bump
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Last bumped on Jan 11, 2024, 3:38:37 AM
Hi sad to see someone quit :( my ign: Jukkapoeka
Nice got alot of good stuff and useful gems :)

IGN: HerpesMassacre

Got some stuff - thanks again. :)
thought this would be quick and fun, but might be faster to vendor all
Hey i am sorry that you quit.
Still something there for a player who just came back to the game?

IGN: Hayzie
IGN: Littlefizbo THANKS :)
bump for awesome guy ! :D <3

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