[suggestion] premade low level pvp

GW2 pvp was awful because of that.

I would not want to see what you are suggesting, like they said, it's supposed to be a starting point.

I don't play in standard or hardcore though. I'm doing it in bloodlines, more fun that way so you dont have to worry about rich players and legacy gear and what not.
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All the competitive pvp event should be done this way. You can change your build in any way you want of course, but your gear would be chosen from a predetermined selection. Maybe throw in 10-20% of the events to be with your own gear.
tesb wrote:
A simple suggestion:

a separate low level pvp option where only premade pvp characters (provided and balanced by GGG) can join. the roster of premade chars could be expanded by suggestions from the community.

while i do get that people like to spend tons of exalted on 200 pdps bows, 170 pdps one handers and 260 pdps 2handers, it simply ruins low level pvp for me (only spend ~1ex) and it also heavily skews pvp towards weapon based skills and a very short non-tactical games.

the main drawback would be splitting low level pvp into two groups.

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Why they would waste time and resources with premade set events you already has Sarn Arena events in the schedule, and people get bored after a few matches because the nature of these premade chars, and YES about PvP-Only chars they really need to be able to enter SarnArena from the hideout as priority fix.

And you again as many others over exaggerating the things by saying TONS of exalts in gear, as example at least you ever tried to craft a "Top" phys dps bow? it wont cost you more than 2-3ex(in alterations/fusings) + Master fee, sorry if you missed the chance to do it before the patch, if you look the Standard 1v1 LLD ladder there are good diversity of builds, also dont expect winning in the 1v1 queue with zero time invested in gear/theorycrafting/counters/etc in your character.

TLDR: try it in Torment / Bloodline eventually people gonna start PvP there.
And you again as many others over exaggerating the things by saying TONS of exalts in gear

i don't think i do. yes you can get very good gear for a few exalted, but when it comes to the top tier you need 5 to 6 links and corrupted items (e.g. +1 gems for casters) which are expensive. my main problem is not the currency required however, but that the nature of pvp heavily changes between cheap gear and extremely good gear. contact between players in bad to mid tier gear is over in 2-4 secs whereas it is over in 1-2 seconds (at best) with top gear. this has major impacts on skills you can use and the tactical aspect of pvp as well as influences of lag and desync. it would help to an extend if the current pvp damage function would be a lot more skewed towards higher damage.

you are certainly right that pvp in the new leages is much better because people did not spend that much currency on it and legacy crafting mods are not available.
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tesb wrote:
and legacy crafting mods are not available.

another plus to roll a char in temp leagues but im not gonna reroll in temp leagues because doesnt bring new features or anything new to the LLD metagame with the exception of legacy LLD unique items gone(i dislike how GGG chosen this one as "incentive" for PvP newcomers in new leagues) and in my case not worth invest time remake a 2H there for Season2 that anyway is close to the end of temp leagues.
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