just need melee weapon and be able to block.

shield works, 1hand with no shield (for whatever reason you would keep one hand empty.. just need to get base block chance such as advancing fortress) works, dual wield works.

You can make this aoe with melee splash if you really want
Is this thread still alive?

I'm playing a Gladiator dual-wielding build with a pretty decent block, I thought I'd post my thoughts here.

I've seen all 3 counterattack gems in action, and Riposte is kinda strong, seeing that you'd use both weapons to counterattack. But it didn't feel any special from the other 2 gems (Reckoning & Vengeance), & I'm sure Riposte was more tailored for dual-wielding usage.

So, my thoughts on Riposte:
1. Maybe remove the cooldown if you're dual-wielding.
2. Remove the range limit on it. Instead of the blade appearing from the receiver, have it appear in front of the attacker instead. (Procs on spellcasters & range physical too)

I feel this would raise it's appeal towards dual-wielding block players.

why remove the ability for riposte to be supported by ancestral call? riposte/ac was an important part of a character i was running on the side so i'm aware of my bias here, but the riposte/ac/splash combo finally gave us a reason to use this otherwise not super useful skill...
sorry, already solved a problem
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Riposte seems to be in a bad spot. Shield block builds can easily incorporate all three counterattack gems (vengeance, reckoning, riposte) into their build, but builds without shield may only use the worst one (Riposte). Riposte does very little damage compared to the other two--I've used all three on my own shield-block-heavy build (with a duelist). My build is focused almost entirely around damage reflect//counterattacks. Vengeance and Reckoning are core to the build and provide the majority of the total damage (and they're marvelously effective); riposte I just throw into a random extra slot anywhere. If I didn't have room for it, I wouldn't miss it. It hits about as hard as the other two, attacks just as often, but only hits one enemy while the other two can easily hit 5-10 enemies.

I think it'd be good to both buff it and take it away from shield block builds; but also expand how many non-shield builds can use it. I would take away it working on shield block, it should work on weapon block as well as a melee dodge. If it is not possible to make it work with melee dodge, then make it increase weapon block chance based on character's dodge chance (perhaps replacing a fraction of their dodge with block). This would allow defensive non-shield builds to use the wonderful counterattack. It might offer a tiny nerf to OP shield counterattack builds but if my build means anything, they won't even notice the difference.

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