Path of Exile Community Designed Unique - Part 2 - Design Goal!

What should the design goal of the community designed unique be?

Provide alternate effects for Critical Strikes
Provide additional or alternate effects for Projectiles
Provide additional power or utility to allies and minions
Expand options & utility for Traps, Mines and Totems
Provide additional effects for stacking Armor and/or Evasion
Poll closed
Ever wanted to design a unique item for Path of Exile? Here's your chance! With this community designed unique project, each week you'll have a chance to vote on a series of choices to design a new unique! From base item selection all the way to art and flavor text, you guys get to work with GGG to make a brand new item!

Last week you guys voted that you wanted to see a new unique belt! You can see that vote here.

In part 2 we vote on the design goal for the item - what it hopes to achieve and the gameplay areas it will impact.

Here is a video from ZiggyD explaining the choices for the second vote.

Voting has closed now.

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Balance & Design
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Crit all the way baby!
IGN: Jerle_Farmer
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Cool, we get a crit belt!
"just for try, for see and for know"
imagine hammerdin belt....
Gah, so many good options, do I vote for traps and totems? Alternate projectile seems interesting and versatile, but really interesting to see what GGG can do for armour and evasion.. >.< too many good choices!
Totems get no love :(

Mines could use some polishing, though.
"Path of Exile needs a Circlejerk Subforum" -cypherrage
hoping for some interesting mods from this.
Better stay in the land of the damned, Exile. Here, even the very words are corrupted by Nightmare.
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C'mon, mines and traps.
I REALLY want to make a Mine build but there is nothing for it right now.
Live fast, die forever.
I'm rooting for the additional mitigation effects option. I'd really like to some some interesting variety in that department.
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