Content Update 1.3.0: Torment, Bloodlines and PvP!

I can't wait to see this!
CloudMagic wrote:
Can someone tell me if Bloodline will improve item drops? Because if not, everyone's gonna play Torment or skip over the Bloodline Bosses.

GGG, just give us Bloodline + Torment in Hardcore, they're both rehashes of previous ideas as is. What happened to the flask limitation/hunger ideas while just raising the IIQ and IR for the hardcore league ?

If you want Torment play Torment, hardcore leagues are always about extra challenge.
Hucik wrote:
Guys, are you serious? What about block characters? I can grab my L88 witch and put it to the trash if the changes in skill three are above to happen. Please think about that, I have already couple of mates spotting the same issue. I appreciate all great work you have done and looking for new patch, however this is like BAD Joke..... I do believe you will find a way how to sort it out

Create something new, this is why you get a free reset when things change.
How big is the new 1.3.0 update?

sorry if the question has already been asked.. but for the passive tree , you said you made changes to the Witch, the Shadow and the Ranger ; but i don't remember any changes for the ranger, (and i play since the beta)
and also you said you are going to make changes to the marauder, which was already changed...


Are there going to be Act 4?
hspark7777 wrote:
Are there going to be Act 4?

Act 4 is a separate update for sometime early next year IIRC.
Designing Cospri's Will:
Designing Cospri's Malice:
Iron Heart/Iron Fortress too!
Death to all 1hand non dagger crit builds (major nerf/removed) + major block nerf and acrobatic will make you loose 30%block chance... com'on GGG stop the nerf/remove **** so many builds are overpowered anyways!!! why make it less fun when you can always make a tornado shoot build and rape all.. never get a build done before you smash it 2 pieces!!

was a RF/cyclone coc(with scepter) flame scurge/ligtninh warp/searing bond/trible curse/block build... RIP!! was fun 2 try make but its expensiv.. and will never try it out in its full portensional now -_- (im considering to stop play) depenting on i could get my build 2 work again!!
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Just as an aside, has anyone noticed that leo's little banner has two right hands? that intentional?
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A lot of game companies are into making things harder then making them better just look at the marvelle fight she is way op now for what I don't understand ? I hope what is being written here isn't true but is seems there is a push to get players to run maps together instead of solo with all the map and boss changes hope that's not the case. If so well gl gg it is the reason I don't play war craft tired of the yelling and elitism it brings.

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