Path of Exile Digital Comic Issue #2 Now for Sale!

We're proud to announce that Issue #2 of the Path of Exile comic has been released in digital form! It's available as a standalone purchase or in a bundle with an exclusive cosmetic pet - the Baby Black Death Spider from the Chamber of Sins.

When are the other issues coming out? Is there a physical copy?

Issue #1 is available here. We're expecting to release the next two digital comics approximately six weeks apart. A physical graphic novel version of all four combined will be released early next year.

What file formats of digital comic are available? How do I download it?

We're releasing the digital comic in four popular file formats: .pdf, .cbz, .epub and .mobi. Once you've purchased the comic, you can download it from the Digital Downloads section of your profile.

What does the Baby Black Death pet look like in-game?

The pet depicts a younger version of the formidable Black Death unique boss, found in Act Two's Chamber of Sins. We've created a video showing it in-game that you can view above.

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Grinding Gear Games
That's a big spider... :D
"Fixing the endgame was hard - No matter how hard we buffed red maps, people would keep spamming Gorges.
So we turned Gorge into a red map"
sweet :D
Hey this is a signature! pretty cool stuff...yeah...

This practice of making a boss into a little pet as part of the promotion rather than arbitrarily is very cool.

Agree. Cool, and highly sinister!

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Wow, that spiders actually really cute.
Hate Spiders :)
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Well done!
No longer a forum dweller, please use PM for contact purposes.
as someone with arachnophobia...
I... Must... Have... Baby Black Death....
Very nice! Looking forward to part 3 :-)

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