[2.0] Pure Dex/Eva Close Combat BUILD - CRIT DUAL STRIKER 200k+ DPS w/ avg cheap gear (atziri video)


This is a Full DEX / EVA Close combat BUILD dual wielding daggers

-- 1.3 TREE UPDATED -- (slightly nerfed, still rocks, still running Atziri Services w/ it!)
-- 2.0 TREE UPDATED -- (defenses, mana regen and auras capacity a little nerfed, DPS and clear speed still OP)

#MTG - Vampire NightHawk describes well this build :) (Flying + Deathtouch + Lifelink)

Main attack is Dual Strike dealing huge amounts of dmg
It can kill bosses in seconds ;) , even Atziri (able to deal 200k DPS+ w/ "cheap" gear)
And great survivability evading almost all attacks, and life leech + life gain on hit enough to refill life in half-second when hit

video owning Atziri and Double Vaal Boss

Double Vaal owned: http://youtu.be/tHXawSU3rhk
Atziri owned: http://youtu.be/aiu0RepzkzI

Here is my current gear, and below some tips on how to reach same results w/ cheaper gear

My beloved Queen of the Forest that I crafted for myself since it had only 1 socket ;)

My 2 daggers, not crazy good yet, but it will do what I need
1 for good avg phys dps, other for dealing Lightning dmg and shocking enemies
-- 3.0 UPDATE -- Those daggers isn't the best option anymore, we need LIFE LEECH on daggers as leech from passive isn't enough w/ the new values and mechanics

I can say that my gloves are awesome :), it's a legacy Maligaro's w/ almost perfect stats

Any Maligaro's will do great, and could be replaced by any Pure Eva based Rare gloves
Desired props are: attack speed, crit chance, crit multpl and accuracy
Any combination will do, but the most the better, a combination w/ it all together could be expensive, probably a Maligaro's will be cheaper (5 chaos at standard)

Rest of gear are just "good", can't say it's awesome :)

I'm also bringing w/ me another alphas howl RRRG to use Purity of Fire against Atziri,
And can switch gems to Lightning Strike for ranged combat when necessary (never?!?! lol)

Close range evasion rules! ;)

Cheaper Version and Leveling

-- But it looks expensive, how about a cheaper version ?!

I started playing this game with this build and I had exactly nothing :D
What I did was start by using crap gear till lvl 31 when the support gems makes great difference

At 31 I purchased the cheaper 5L eva body armor that I could find, it was about 3 chaos

At lvl 46 I purchased a Tabula Rasa, and Jzz.. that made me fill OP! DPS became HUGE even at that lvl and I used it all the way to 70 when I had lucky enough to 6L my body armor

Any 5L Eva body armor would do, I would remove Melee Dmg on Full Life in that case
Or keep using Tabula and let the evasion to Grace + Other gear pieces

I used very cheap daggers
Always tried to keep 1 fast (poignard > ambusher) with Lightning dmg for shocking effect
And 1 hard/crit hitter (golden kris > Platinum Kris > Bino's) (I know, Bino's isnt cheap ;) )

Another important thing is that when I was in the mood to lvl up without dying I used Reave as primary skill with an eva shield in the other hand.
That enables me to remove the Melee Splash and change it for some more DPS (concentrated effect or inc crit dmg) or more defensive gear (Life Gain on Hit or Life Leech)

The rest of gear was always a cheap combination of defensive stats
No need for offensive, Daggers + Passive + Gems will do it's work
Rings, Amulet, boots, Gloves and Helmet with Life + Ele resists till it is maxed - 1 chaos each piece

Here is my Passive Path (2.0 UPDATED)

All the passive is Phys Dmg / Dagger / Eva based, getting some Life here and there

3.0 Changes and thoughts (for who already know this build)

Hi all, here are my thoughts on the 3.0 changes
First of all, want to clarify that I tried to re-think this build using the 3.0 mechanics and not only "just adapt/translate"

I think the most important changes on this build is about the Life Leech and Auras.
So, after a lot of tests here is what I came w/.

It's no use to try to use Enlighten to run 2 expensive + 1 cheap aura like before, so, let's just drop 1 aura.
-- As we are running 3 auras and no need to Reduced mana (no 4L needed), I changed the Auras to a weapon (3L), and changed the Vaal Double Strike to the helmet (4L)

-- Auras became : Hatred + Herald of Ash + Arctic Armour (will talk more about AA later)

-- Vaal Double Strike is now 4L : Faster Attacks + Multistrike + Melee Phys Dmg (Will talk about vaal double later)

-- Cast When Dmg Taken (lvl 1) links are: Poacher's Mark (lvl 7) > Immortal Call (lvl 2) > Cold Snap (lvl 10)

Why Arctic Armour instead of another ofensive aura?

That's because it's not possible any more to leech to full life in half second like before, even using the life leech gem + Vaal Pact

So, we are dropping 1 ofensive aura and using the new Arctic Armour (which now reservs mana instead of drain mana)

It will do a very cool dmg mitigation and can also chill attacks the hit you or follow you

Why Vaal Double Strike is in a 4L?

Vaal Double Strike was revamped (the Wiki page is outdated)
It's now doing much LESS dmg from before, but the good thing is that it's now way cheaper on souls and you can store up to 3 uses of it

So, it's still a very usefull tool agains dangerous mob

Why not Doryani's Invitation Phys variant ?

Actually, I DO recommned Doryani's Phys variant to this build
The Dmg increase is great, and the life leech very usefull
The only weak point on this is that it to not have any LIFE, and LIFE became more difficult to have than before

So, if you want (and have the currency) to use a Doryani's Invitation, make sure that you have at least 3.8k life for areas 75+


With this build I can run 1 expensive auras (50% reserved), and 2 "cheap" aura, 20% (herald of..) without Alphas Howl, or a 35% (purity of..) w/ Alphas Howl

As it's a Phys Dmg and Eva build, the Aura choice is easy :)

Herald of Ash
Arctic Armour (2.0 updated)

Hatred giving a very big amount of dmg and also chilling/freezing enemies while Im constantly hitting it

Grace removed at 2.0 version

Grace have a combo effect w/ Queen of the Forest
besides giving me a lot of evasion rate, it's also giving me lots os Mov Speed! :)
Haste would give me 10% mov speed, while Grace is giving me more than 17% mov speed

Herald of ash is also a dmg gain over the phys dmg adding a very cool DPS to my main attack, and the burning effect is very usefull. I will talk about it below



-- still the same at 1.3


-- NERFED in 2.3 - Less phys dmg, less crit chance, less crit multipl
Using a set that was 182kDPS at 1.2, became 158kDPS at 1.3 (exactly same gear)

Elemental Resists are all maxed to 75, and I will change auras for a purity of X depending on the area (purity of fire against Atziri for example)

with a defensive gear:
Dual Strike DPS is 130k w/ melee splash (AOE)
And 182k DPS w/ Add Fire Dmg (Single target/Bossess)

with an offensive gear:
Dual strike DPS becomes 220k w/ melee splash
and 302k DPS w/ Add Fire Dmg

By offensive gear I mean:
changing the helmet for a Rat's Nest (Abyssus gives even more DPS but totally breaks the build)
changing the boots for a Sundance (unique w/ attack speed)
Changing the rings for Diamong rings w/ lots of crit chance/multipl
And changing colar for more crit chance/multipl
At the cost of loosing ele resist and some life (would be great to have it w/o loosing ele resists :), but we are talking about really really expensive gear )

Offensive gear screenshot

Here is my offensive gear screenshot

REALLY Offensive gear screenshot (480k DPS)

Here is my REALLY offensive gear screenshot (for screenshot only)

Im using 1 abyssus and 1 Ming's Heart ring
Again.. abyssus totally breaks this build as it's full evasion and abyssus will give me a big eva penalty and I would take insane amount of phys dmg
But the screenshot is beautiful :D
Imagine that with 2 loath bane like daggers .. LOL
1 million dmg ?! :D

How I handle mana

A very important passive skill for this build is Charisma and Reduced mana reservation
It's responsible to allow me to run 3 auras (or 2 auras + 1 herald)

And as important as Charisma is the Mind Drinker (2% phys dmg as mana leech)

It allows me to play w/ just enough mana for 1 skill
Mana leech and Mana regen will do their jobs ;)

I just can't be using dual strike on nothing,
While Im hitting anything I will be ok to send the next attack

If I miss the dual strike and got w/o mana for 1 critical second facing dangerous mob, all I need to do is to use Whirling Blade (very cheap). The mana leech of the hit is way more mana than I need to keep going

Another important passive skills for this build is Primal Spirit and Coldhearted Calculation, that will give me more mana regen as well as helping me reach the minumum stats for STR (109) and INT (151)

How I Move Around

Even though my movement speed is 41% (pretty cool IMO), I'm always moving using whirling blades.
It's important to have a high mov speed specially where the area have many obstacles. But it's pretty easy to get used to move around using whirling blades, it's way fasters.

Another good point on my whirling blade is the curse on hit + 20% quality enfeeble, it's an absolutely great combo. I will talk more about it in the next session.

Another important movement skill is the Flicker Strike"
Im using it to "jump" some areas like stairs or to jump to Higher and Lower areas

Im using a culling strike linked to it to finish off some dangerous mob too


I choose 2 curses for my build, not to be used at same time because I dont have a dual curse gear (yet?). But they were chosen carefully to fulfill my needs.

First idea to keep in mind is that I dont need an offensive curse. 130/180k DPS will do great even in lvl 78 maps.
So, all my curses are defensive.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that I dont have time to be casting curses. It's a DEX build! It's frenetic!!!

- Poacher's mark is my choice for mob packs.
It's being triggered by an Lvl 1 Cast When Dmg Taken.
It will give me Frenzy Charges and also Mana and Life on Hit. Keep in mind that I'm dealing 10 attacks per second.

- Enfeeble is my choice for rare/nemesis/bosses monsters.
It can be used at max level and will leave powerful mob almost harmless.
20% Quality enfeeble will make mob even less like to be able to hit me, and combined with the increased curse effect of Curse on Hit will make mobs blind as hell.

Defensive Combo

I'm using at my boots a 4L defensive combo.
It's a classic Cast When Dmg Taken > Enduring Cry > Immortal Call, with my own addition of the curse Poacher's Mark instead of Increased Duration.

-- 3.0 UPDATE : CWDT can't cast Enduting Cry anymore.. : Replaced w/ COLD SNAP lvl 10

Let me explain why Poacher's Mark suits me better than Increased Duration.

First because half second is all I need to refill my life (life gain on hit on gear + Poacher's Mark + Passive skill Blood Drinker )

Second because I want the frenzy charges
And as a bonus the curse will make mobs less evasive and will give more flask charges :)

It's basically making me die only for 1-hit-kill attacks or a really huge DMG over time.

And yes, I want the Cast When dmg taken lvl 1, not lvl 8.
I want that every minimum dmg triggers my defensive combo even if the enduring cry isn't ready.


Bandit's choice is:

Normal = Life
Cruel = Phys Dmg
Merciless = Passive

How I kill MoBs (w/ video)

Video on Apex of Sacrifice = 3rd part of area + Boss Fight

My main attack is Dual Strike w/ Melee Splash
I can say that the Quality on this gem is really important, it will increase the area of effect of the melee attacks.
Another important thing is the Herald of Ash, it's overkill-to-burning effect is responsible for lots of kills on mob packs. As I'm doing a huge amount of phys dmg, the exceeding damage as burning is enough to kill the mob pack. In other words, I usually can kill the monster in the front of the pack and just walk off.

As it's not a tanker build, keep moving is very important. I'm always trying to attack mobs from backwards and outside mobpacks, never inside it.
Outside a mob pack Im more like attacking to the same direction dealing all my dmg to the monsters in front of me.
Inside a mob pack the Multistrike gem will make me attack in all directions, spreading my dmg in a bad way.

Another important thing is that even if the first second of attacks dont kill my enemies I will move to other spot with whirling blade.
It will make myself very difficult to hit specially for ranged mobs, and also apply enfeeble.
Surround my ranged enemies is always my choice.

How I kill Bosses

Everytime I spot a Nemesis Mob, a Rogue Exile or a Boss I will be flying to it's throat with whirling blades to apply Enfeeble ASAP.

If the boss hit me and get cursed with poacher's mark I will reaply enfeeble (would be great to be able to apply 2 curses )

If the boss is doing melee attacks I'm pretty confident of keep attacking it face-to-face. It will miss basically every attack.

If the boss is casting spells, it's important to learn it's behaviours before facing it, I will be surrounding it till I find a moment to be able to come closer and attack.

If it's totally impossible to come closer, like the Magaera (Fire Fury from Crematorium map lvl 76) or The Arbiter of Knowledge (from The Academy, map lvl 76) casting those tornados.
I can change two gems to be able to fight from ranged distance.

Change Melee Splash to Lightning Strike (red socket)
and Dual Strike to Faster Projectiles (green socket)

And kill it from a safe distance

And I have also a cool dps addition to kill bosses:

!! Vaal Double Strike !!
Even in a 3L this skill is doing some huge dps
I'm always saving it for bosses
Sometimes I can cast my vaal double strike and leave the boss for my clone and go kill the other mobs

But the best use for it is against really dangerous bosses.
It seems like the clone is invulnerable, so...
It's great against bosses like the Cycloner of the Atziri Trio that deals bleeding.

In other words, Vaal Double Strike isn't only a DPS addition, it's a GREAT DECOY too :D

Or against Atziri while it casts lots of storm calls + flameblasts. I can quickly come closer, cast the clone and go for a safe place.
The clone will make her change fase while I "just survive" :D

How I deal with Damage Reflection

Elemental reflection isn't problem. I can just kill it as it wasn't there. Life gain on hit from gear + poarcher's mark is enough to do not bother on it.

Physical reflection is a (small) problem!
If I hit a compact pack of mob with Phys Reflection... R.I.P. ! , it's 1-hit-kill
-- 2.0 UPDATE - Phys reflection isn't that much problem anymore, just go and kill it, you will take some dmg but not enough to kill. Granite Flask helps a lot here

3 options:
- Try to spread them and kill 2~4 at same time with caution (enduring cry + immortal call will help)
- Change to Lightning Strike and kill it from distance
- Just walk by and leave them

For when you want to kill the phys reflection mob, this build have some "weapons" to help
- First one and the most efficient is Vaal Double Strike
If casted correctly it can easily kill 1 yellow mob
- If the Vaal Double Strike isnt available, it's safe to use Whirling Blades to help spread the pack and also do some damage, perhaps you will want to do it until you kill it if they do not spread
- Last weapon is the Flicker Strike + Culling Strike
Im using it against dangerous mob and works fine, it's a cool 1 target skill and very fast to trigger

Flicker Strike is somehow safe as it's not dealing much damage, but the culling strike linked to it will finish the mob if it have less than 10% of life

Passives Priority/Progression

Before the passives priority explanation, pls remember that this build is LIFE BASED
Even in early levels pls always look for gear pieces w/ LIFE, as much as possible
Rings, Amys, Helm, boots, gloves, body, everything w/ life

The purpose of it is to survive 1 hit!
Stone Golems or any other Hard hitter could kill us w/o it if they were able to hit us

So, about the passive priorities:

First the south nodes till you reach Ondar's Guile, but do not advance to the left nodes of Ondar's Guile yet (to reach Thick Skin, the life nodes), leave it to the end

Next Priorities will be (in this order):
Adder's Touch
Mind and Blood Drinker
Phase Acrobatics
From the Shadows
ColdHearted Calculation
NightStalker or Charisma (depends on When you want to run 3 auras and add Alphas Howl in your Gear)
Written in Blood
Thicky Skin

Atziri able (w/ videos)

Here is my Free Atziri services thread with this build:

I can clear this dungeon really fast
Killing first boss (2x Vessel of the Vaal) as it comes out from the ground
Killing each of the 3 bosses with 2 seconds of face-to-face battle
Killing Atziri w/ 2 seconds to make her change form/fase

Apex of Sacrifice trash mob http://youtu.be/P75uvd4nGP0
Double Vaal boss fight http://youtu.be/tHXawSU3rhk
Boss Trio http://youtu.be/aWHsZMGv-XA
Atziri fight http://youtu.be/aiu0RepzkzI

Can't say my gear is "budget" ATM, but for sure it's not a crazy expensive build.
I started playing this game w/ this build since the beginning and never abandoned my main plan on building a full dex/eva close range character
I evolved it w/ time, patience and perseverance ;)

Hope you like it

any comments are welcome

WTS - IRL Superior Determination = PRICELESS

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Can you list your main stats?

DPS, Block, Spell Block, EV, Movement speed, Etc.

And how exactly do you kill mobs?

I will improve this thread with this info ;)
WTS - IRL Superior Determination = PRICELESS

Post improved!
WTS - IRL Superior Determination = PRICELESS

Further improved
Added some more sections and screenshots for stats
Improved the How I kill Mobs and Bosses sections

pending on upload videos
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Added the section : "cheaper version and leveling"
WTS - IRL Superior Determination = PRICELESS

trusted !!!!

Message me if im not online.
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Added Screenshot w/ Abyssus
480k DPS w/o charges and Haste
WTS - IRL Superior Determination = PRICELESS

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WTS - IRL Superior Determination = PRICELESS

Added some videos :)

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