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Finally a decent change. Now you guys just have to evaluate map drops a lot better. Being level 91 and stuck farming in level 74-75 zones sucks balls. Being gated to exp to max level is one thing, but also being gated from reaching top tier roll item level via maps is another.
PoE is surpassing all expectations, D3 is just barely starting to meet them. D3 does have some good qualities, but it does not push the genre to new heights, it lacks vision, and it has been homogenized to such an extent it is sorta boring and linear. PoE has already done so many great things and should have alot of exciting content in the years to come.

That doesn't mean you shouldn't play both if you got the time. Perhaps D3 will find a way to make itself more interesting and perhaps they will find some ways to add depth.

Its not that D3 is that bad(anymore) its just that PoE is so much better that D3 will forever be left in its wake.

No game is better than the other, they just cater to different types of gamers. D3 is a more of a arcade type to where you can get geared pretty quickly and they just let you blast away at mobs, which is insanely fun.

PoE takes the other route with a much slower progression and with good ol` carrot on the stick hoping to find that insane piece of loot.

I honestly believe that D2 had it all right and ended up playing that for years. For the casual gamer if you want progress and gear within a short amount of time, then D3 is your game. If that same gamer wants to reach max level and do the end game stuff in PoE, see him in 4 years.
Both games have their strong points and weak points. And every gamer is different on what they want or what they think one of these types of games should be. And of course its a never ending battle for devs for both games to make all the different types of gamers happy to ensure staying power to keep them playing their game.

Personally PoE has a far superior character building enjoyment with a vast skill system and endless possibilities of combinations of skills and support gems and uniques. For me the absolute downside is the end game when it comes down to farming the best gear.

The best gear (and by best I mean top tier rolls) is virtually unfarmable for the average joe (aka me) since you need a top tier map which is very expensive. Now since I can't reach the max level ever since its a korean grind, and since I can't farm the top tier gear, whats the point in a monster mashing game? It's not fun being level 91 being stuck farming level 73 zones for subpar gear.

So about after a week of farming the same low tier level maps boredom kicks in, and we stop playing altogether. For me I don't care so much about getting max level as I do in being able to farm the best gear, but thats just my opinion and how I feel.