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NeroNoah wrote:
Also, some leagues deserve a little more polish or expansions, like Beyond (so the monsters actually look eldritch rather than copypasted, and we can know more about the demons, fight more of them, or even go to their homeworld (?)).

We have at least a couple of designers wanting to return to Beyond, and really explore the story, lore and mechanics some more.
Terrornoid wrote:
Neat. Might want to mention if these are void leagues or not?

We'd mention if it was voided.

These leagues will not be voided. Characters will be moved to their parent league (Standard and Hardcore) at the end of the leagues.
Completed 2 ChallengesAlexlulz wrote:
Is data rly enogh to balance around it? I think a key thing u missed is the problem that LOWLVL maps dropp in 79+ I have never felt a more frustrating feeling in Poe then getting 68-75 maps in a 80-82 map it feels worse then eteranL/exalting I hope a person that actually plays the game @GGG can tell u more about it its disgusting feeling.

The stats aren't all we use. In fact the staff in GGG who run live maps were of the opinion that there would not be a literal wall, it was mostly play style.

In this case the stats, said, no, there is a real problem that needs addressing.