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Completed 4 ChallengesZaM wrote:
Do you guys remember when Chris Wilson lied to us during the Q&A?

Will we be seeing a nerf for any bow skills before 1.4 launches?

We are not planning on deploying major balance changes prior to the next expansion.

We were not planning on any changes. We probably should have been more aware there was an issue. When the interaction was first described to me, for example, I said 'that sounds like the correct behaviour." I didn't, however, understand the extent of the issue.
Completed 5 ChallengesKaysee wrote:
Qarl wrote:
You are so wrong. It is probably still over powered. It does need to be addressed fast before too many people respec to this genuinely over performing damage skill.

Why is it a problem if more people respec into it? The leagues are basically dead and players are looking for fun things to do... they find a fun OP build to try and you instantly nerf it.

Because then when we give it the nerf it needs later, these people who converted thier character to this are more annoyed.

The issue we are fixing here is beyond OP, its actually a serious mistake that needed fixing.
bitV wrote:
Completed 6 ChallengesCabooseDog wrote:
Guys, you're missing the problem, I think it was PvP that was in mind here.

IDK how many of you do pvp or at least watch some pvp streams, but it was simply oneshotting everything in pvp

Though the map clear with MA was pretty cool and probably had something to do with it

rip skill DansGame


Fuck PvP

This is definitely a PVE issue. One reason for hitting this fast (and it will still be a functional thing), is removing the actually very wrongly set life.

The goal here is avoid annoying more people when the weekend only players respec to it. If we waited that long, and then nerfed it there would be more rage.

We are going to look at it in more detail, but actually incorrectly set things on the item can be addressed to deal with the worst of the issue.