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HikaruYami wrote:
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You travel to the jewel node, this requires 2 extra points invested to socket this jewel, after that you still need the points to select the notables you desire.

No one has answered my question about whether the jewel is self-sustaining after you travel to it, though. Are you an alpha tester? No? I didn't think so.

If you can select intuitive leap and then cut of your path to it with N regret orbs and have it still be selected thanks to its own effect, then it is OP. Otherwise, I agree that it is not (as long as the radius is small enough).

No, it is not self-sustaining after you travel to it (I can't recall which news coverage mentioned this, but one of them explicitly did).

Also, based on the radius that Leap has (at least without some future increase), it doesn't look like it will allow Mortal Conviction to the currently closest jewel socket node -- or that would be quite nice.

On a side note -- They have added a couple of extra "travel" nodes in a couple areas (unfortunately).
IGN: Mortezzah, prolly playing on character Gellig, for an end-game boss tank guide.
Hello gellig!
I saw your build doing a lot of things, and i liked it (like who didn't!).. My question is, back in diablo 2 i had a concentrate barbarian, i dont know if you were a player then, but in general the build was a max block dude with average damage, an offensive tank. with that build, i managed to get lvl 90ish in the hardcore ladder. my idea is making a max(?) block marauder like you did. i'm thinking of using 1h double strike as a main attack, maybe switching to heavy strike for bosses(like i sometimes did in diablo 2 with bash) what is your opinion based on your experience? will double strike fall too short on damage while 4l? assume normal gear, no mirrored stuff etc. what build would you advice me to do? im starting this from scratch... im linking my build idea: , what is your opinion on this? as i said, its not a lvl100 reset as you mention in the guide, its building from scratch. Last, im levelling with a 2h axe, and think of going 2h for as long as i can, to get the extra dmg> faster levelling, when should i start with a shield? at maps, or earlier?

Congratulations on what you accomplished,cheers!

Hey trimpourdelo,

I liked Reave more than Double Strike given its AOE potential without using MS and better single target damage (with lower Dex needs). DS can work though. The tree you listed is pretty good, obviously you sacrifice from spell block. I think you will know when you need a shield (i.e. when you need the survivability) -- until then, keep going DPS ;)
IGN: Mortezzah, prolly playing on character Gellig, for an end-game boss tank guide.
Fawadz wrote:
Hey Mortezzah! I recently played in the Torment league for a few weeks casually as cyclone facebreaker until 87 and then discovered this build, switched over to it, and have been loving it. Level 91 now hoping to continue in standard league

This is the gear I'm running right now. I'm hoping to upgrade my weapon in standard since I'm only at a bout 9.5k Molten strike dps. I have a legacy aegis waiting for me, saving up for Kaoms. Are there any improvements I could make right now without mirroring an item?

I think you are on the right track. 1.4 should be a variety of interesting changes, that seemingly will be beneficial. Probably will be able to drop the 4L of CWDT/IC and either incorporate Vigilant Strike and EC or TBD.
IGN: Mortezzah, prolly playing on character Gellig, for an end-game boss tank guide.