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I'd rather see Ascendancy function somewhat like the skill tree -- i.e. if you can make it to the starting region of the class in question, then let you pick any of the ascendancy classes for that class to specialize in.

The current design puts too much focus on choosing your class from square 1, which (imho) breaks part of the magic of POE.

Those ascendency skills are huge -- too defining to be limited by a single class.

Either that or put away with it all together and simply let people pick their specializations, regardless of class (preferable).
IGN: Mortezzah, prolly playing on character Gellig, for an end-game boss tank guide.
eyal961 wrote:
What Auras you use now?

and i know it will sound like iam a begginer, but any chance i can get a Skilltree Progression? will help me alot.

Definitely not a build I'd recommend to begin with :) You needs lots of good gear or your tank will suffer...

I would do something like this, though it would vary based on the gear I had available to me.

20 pts:

40 pts:

60 pts:

80 pts:

100 pts:

122 pts:

I kept 1 point out for +1 end charge, or speed or physical dmg... or just take more +hp or dmg on the tree.

My aura's change depending on what I want to do.. more DPS, more defense, etc.
IGN: Mortezzah, prolly playing on character Gellig, for an end-game boss tank guide.
angjk90 wrote:
Hi Mortezzah,

I've watched your video regarding the Uber Atziri kill. Would you mind to share a detail skill gem setup like what u did?

I notice u used 6L shockwave totem with offhand and u changed to tabula rasa during the heal phase. Do u mind to explain what u did there along with the skill gem setup?


Re: links in the staff in my original vid: Shockwave Totem, Chance to Flee, Increased AOE, Faster Casting, Increased Duration (so you don't need to recast it during spawn phase -- though you don't need this), Blood Magic (if your mana is an issue -- though if you 4 link it you don't need it). I would link it but I already have changed the colors for another set of tests I was doing for something else. However, use DD instead (read below).

For kicks, if you want to use a melee skill to get past her spawn phase, you can also use Ground Slam/Chance to Flee or Lightning Strike (Ground Slam is safer). Here is a quick vid snippet using Ground Slam for a low dps character in the spawn phase to show you how it can work:

That being said, Double Doryani is way better when I tested it (I haven't tried it in a long time), and you don't even need Desecrate since they are undead:

My recommendation for the easiest and safest clearing of spawn phase for a low dps, and refills your flasks, is Double Doryani.

Drop your Shockwave Totem/Increased Duration/Chance to Flee once at beginning of spawn phase (not really needed, by why not), and then just DD/Chance to Ignite/Conc Effect (you could also probably try Inc AOE instead of Chance to Ignite if you want).

As I stated, I changed my build significantly for Uber Queen. It is statistically doable with default Aegis builds variants, but there is a much higher chance you will die (I wish they didn't gate Uber to allow more people to try things), thus I went Safelli's and Evasion. My personal goal was to finish the content as a melee tank without dying (plus some other constraints).

I basically got Ondar's guile and Phase Acrobatics -- swapped to a few pieces of evasion gear to avoid projectile damage as much as possible (thus not taking Unwavering Stance), and a few reduced mana nodes for increasing my max resistances.
IGN: Mortezzah, prolly playing on character Gellig, for an end-game boss tank guide.