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eyal961 wrote:
What Auras you use now?

and i know it will sound like iam a begginer, but any chance i can get a Skilltree Progression? will help me alot.

Definitely not a build I'd recommend to begin with :) You needs lots of good gear or your tank will suffer...

I would do something like this, though it would vary based on the gear I had available to me.

20 pts:

40 pts:

60 pts:

80 pts:

100 pts:

122 pts:

I kept 1 point out for +1 end charge, or speed or physical dmg... or just take more +hp or dmg on the tree.

My aura's change depending on what I want to do.. more DPS, more defense, etc.
IGN: Mortezzah, prolly playing on character Gellig, for an end-game boss tank guide.
angjk90 wrote:
Hi Mortezzah,

I've watched your video regarding the Uber Atziri kill. Would you mind to share a detail skill gem setup like what u did?

I notice u used 6L shockwave totem with offhand and u changed to tabula rasa during the heal phase. Do u mind to explain what u did there along with the skill gem setup?


Re: links in the staff in my original vid: Shockwave Totem, Chance to Flee, Increased AOE, Faster Casting, Increased Duration (so you don't need to recast it during spawn phase -- though you don't need this), Blood Magic (if your mana is an issue -- though if you 4 link it you don't need it). I would link it but I already have changed the colors for another set of tests I was doing for something else. However, use DD instead (read below).

For kicks, if you want to use a melee skill to get past her spawn phase, you can also use Ground Slam/Chance to Flee or Lightning Strike (Ground Slam is safer). Here is a quick vid snippet using Ground Slam for a low dps character in the spawn phase to show you how it can work:

That being said, Double Doryani is way better when I tested it (I haven't tried it in a long time), and you don't even need Desecrate since they are undead:

My recommendation for the easiest and safest clearing of spawn phase for a low dps, and refills your flasks, is Double Doryani.

Drop your Shockwave Totem/Increased Duration/Chance to Flee once at beginning of spawn phase (not really needed, by why not), and then just DD/Chance to Ignite/Conc Effect (you could also probably try Inc AOE instead of Chance to Ignite if you want).

As I stated, I changed my build significantly for Uber Queen. It is statistically doable with default Aegis builds variants, but there is a much higher chance you will die (I wish they didn't gate Uber to allow more people to try things), thus I went Safelli's and Evasion. My personal goal was to finish the content as a melee tank without dying (plus some other constraints).

I basically got Ondar's guile and Phase Acrobatics -- swapped to a few pieces of evasion gear to avoid projectile damage as much as possible (thus not taking Unwavering Stance), and a few reduced mana nodes for increasing my max resistances.
IGN: Mortezzah, prolly playing on character Gellig, for an end-game boss tank guide.
gregoyre wrote:
Hello Mortezzah :)

First of all, thks a lot for all the advices and information you share in your post ! I am quite noob to the game, and i was far to imagine that a caracter could be so tanky ! GG : ))

I have learn a lot in reading your thread, but one question still block my plan when i think at my futur skill tree.

Can you detail how you reach 849 point of energy shield ? (w/o discipline)

You've got 120 ES from aurora shield, 140 from boots, 40% ES passiv nod for shield and 177 int.

I don't know what i am missing. I use this formula : global ES = ES from gear * [multiplier from tree + intelligence multiplier]

And i don't find 849 global ES of course ! lol

For sure your build is about stacking block/life/resist and not ES by any way but i like to know what am i doing. :p

Thks for your help or any other great player :)

I actually go to 855 naked with my 121 ES Aegis, 140 ES Boots, and +23 int on helm.. The reason is due to the fact that I have a bunch of +increased defenses nodes... so without my Shield I'm at 189 es... with it I go to 855 (and of course more with Disc).
IGN: Mortezzah, prolly playing on character Gellig, for an end-game boss tank guide.