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Powerfull item filter would be better than those already cool changes :)
Hi o/

1-Since closed beta we have no news about custom leagues, except in a weird way during the annoucement video for the Taiwan launch.

When will custom leagues be available and what exactly will be our possibilities regarding customisation ? Will we be able to increase or decrease drop rates, mob speed, leagues rules, and more ?

2-Do you have plans about revamping rare items to make them interesting ? In every build of the week videos, you describe the rare item choices by saying "focus on health or ES and resistances". Simply because we don't have anything else to aim for with rare items slots which is a big issue as it really limits the items we're looking for when playing.

If uniques are so popular (not all of them of course) it s because they have a really unique flavor and interesting mechanics. We need a better variety of stats on our rare items ! Forsaken Masters was a step in a good direction but it's still way to low and shy.
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