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Really nice ! It removes some of the obvious concerns people had. I think however that the cost of "locking" a map should be totally free. Some players like to often swap characters to do different things in a day and having to pay to respec the atlas all the time will be a big wall for them. Even a "low" cost like 1 scouring per map can quickly becomes an orb pit and remove all incentive to play the way they like.
Gating freedom behing this kind of artificial wall doesn't make the game harder but simply tedious imo.

I quickly suggested this on the latest newspost, but we should have a way of saving multiple "profiles" of atlas. The same way we do with our lootfilters for exemple. That way, we could save up atlas specific for each situations.

At the end, i think that atlas being account wide isn't a good idea on some cases. On one hand it would be horrible having to redo our completion for the drop bonus with every characters, but on the other hand we can't adapt our atlas for every type of builds, unless once again the atlas respec cost is free.
What about multiplayer btw ? I tend to avoid this like plague but i sometimes duo or trio with friends.

If i have a "clean" account with let's say only gorge unlocked and i join a friend doing a Torture chamber map (cause maybe he likes it, or most likely he likes suffering/being miserable ^^). If he kill the boss while i'm still inside the map, will it complete the map for me to and thus, brick my clean Atlas ?