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solwitch wrote:
solwitch wrote:

It's interesting that my vacation lands during New Zealand winter... Samantha saved my ass letting me know that since my trip advisor was ignorant of such things (she wanted to make a buck at the cost my misery) so I took a road trip on the east coast of the USA. With that said, I'm coming... You'll be the first I ask for, just for this very comment. ^.^

Are you from The East Coast bro? I am originally from Fairfax Virginia about an hour from DC. Did you get to check out the capitol + Bmore?

Yes I'm from Jersey, moved to Florida, lived in Hawaii two years, now back in Florida. I passed by Virginia military base (I have many friends in the military) yes I have pictures of Washington on my Instagram and nyc. North Carolina was hilarious... Great people, but the accents reminded me of true blood. I went to six flags, Georgia aquarium, Disney... Road trips are fun but on the way back you need a vacation from the vacation ^.^

also what's up east coast!!! ^.^

But the real question is...

Are you on the West Coast, of an East Coast state?