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Well, what happens when al aw abiding citizen gets into a shitty situation like poverty, cheating wife or [Removed by Support]? There are no safeguards against anyone who owns a gun to not turn into a criminal.

Dirk, I generally don't have anything against you but this time - have you lost your fucking mind?

If someone was to kill a cheating wife or a gay kid that person has about 30 easy ways of doing that on the spot, from kitchen knives to slamming their heads against the floor. What you typed there is an assupmtion that people are generally violent freaks who just need to be pushed to kill so we need to govern everyone so they won't harm themselves or anyone else.

God damn dude.

You shouldn't forget that killing someone with your bare hands (which normally takes an extenden period of time) is way easier than killing someone by pulling a trigger. Also "accidents", or missunderstandings end up deadly with a gun, but not with other forms of protection.

Wow. You are close to being brainwashed man. The left is trying to take your guns away? Guns prevent more crimes than they foster? Wow. Just wow.

There is absolutly no point in trying to forbid guns in the US, although some common sense laws would probably be good.
I have no idea why any law-abiding citizen needs a full automatic rifle but yeah.. living in europe it's kind of fun to watch the rampant pro-gun lobbyism in the US. I recently talked with a US student studying in europe, and I thought it was kind of funny that he missed campus security/cameras etc.
Yeah as other people have pointed out, it would be cool if you could run the Amazon Mayhem thing on your site for a couple of days so people outside of the US can participate. Looking to get back into PoE a bit and some points, pet and shiny stuff could get me motivated. ;)