Path of Exile: Forsaken Masters

Fantastic great work you guys
A start time for american players as usual.
Chuck, it is a start time for American Employees less so than that, and hey the downtime will interfere with American players so technically you get a longer first day than us instead. Pretty silly complaint if you ask me, the league lasts for months, getting in the first few minutes is not that relevant.
Haku: Life/Res Gear
Vorici: Socket Crafting
Elreon: Jewellery Crafting
Catarina: Casting
Vagan: Melee / Phys
Tora: Bow

So what is missing?
It must be genious cause a scion can be every build?
What kind of gear/Base Items we still cant change by masters?

I don't think the scion can be crafting Flasks :D
Maybe sick op bonus mods.

Maybe the Scion can craft Maps!

Winner of the day here, since it seems that is the case nice guess :)
downloading the expansion in a powerful *heavy breathing* mood.
Thanks for the great game GGG!

Edit: Start time 00:00 for germany :/ ... = 00:00 a.m. ?
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so cool
1.39 GB :( :( :(
This might just help me get back into poe.

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