We're Adding a Hardcore One-month Event!

We've updated the news post from yesterday with information about the hardcore event that will be run at the same time as the one-month league. Both events have identical rules, and they both share the same prize pool. From a prize point of view, it doesn't matter which event you enter, but the hardcore one is for players who want the extra challenge. With these league properties, it'll be incredibly dangerous!

Like the non-hardcore league, the hardcore league also awards alternate-art Demigod's Bounties to the top five players.

Thanks for all your emails on this topic ;)
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Nice :-), Thanks GGG,
It's going to be awesome seeing the tears and the lols !
(I'm sure that this whole "casual" drama was a ggg ninja technique the pump the hype)
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SWEET! Thank you GGG, I'm sure a lot of people are very happy, me included :)

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This is why GGG is the best game company in the world. They really listen to their fans. Long live GGG!

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