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Got to say, you make things so awesome. The way you stay in contact with your supporters is just perfect.
You missed posting the last few announcements on Steam, at least I was not able to see them. I did not check for this announcement yet but I just hope that you don't leave out the steam users by conscious choice. Regular announcements there, which are not just sale announcements, make the game look alive. :)
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Daym that Hyrri's bite recipe has been eluding people for a long time. Even the Goddess recipe took the community like 4 days to find's been 4 months now :D
Guess it's easier to find/buy the quiver rather than search for the recipe and the interwebz doesn't seem to be too concerned with finding the recipe either.

I have to wonder, how may publicly unknown recipes are there, since even statements from GGG are contradicting at times. There is supposedly a recipe involving rhoa feathers that only 1 (!!) person has found and used, guess it's something mind-blowing, if it even exists, that is. Also I recall reading a dev statement on reddit about another unknown recipe, but that might have been the new vaal gem recipe of even the Hyrri's bite recipe.

Not knowing the truth is killing me :(
I love reading these, Thanks Chris.
Don't forget to drink your milk 👌
It's always good to see you provide the links in one place, makes it easier to view them.

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did i really get first ?

I'm going to report this every time I see it. Chris did mention something about this awhile ago but doesn't seem anything is being done. Guess I'll be using the report button for now.
Dat echo staff


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Dat echo staff


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Staff looks epic
is there confirmation of spell echo gem yet? (for 1.5)
is there confirmation of spell echo gem yet? (for 1.5)


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