Quick Video of New 1.1.4 Feature

The total raised for Child's Play is up to $21,940. Looks like I may be keeping my hair ;)

In other news, this song is awesome.
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Don't forget to drink your milk 👌

So we can get there then midnights?
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love the song!
first page!
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YES!!! This is close to what I've been asking for pretty often on the forums.

Eight fragments types, 66-73?
Dusk: 66
Dawn: 67
Noon: 68
Midnight/Mortal grief: 69
And so on for the mortal fragments?

I do like this addition though I'd be a little puzzled as to why you'd use a midnight or mortal rage by itself.
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Act 4 confirmed!
English is not my first language.

Looks like I may be keeping my hair ;)

It's up to Charan id say x)
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