Two-week Race Update and State of Exile Podcast

The two-week charity race is going really well! As you can see from the ladder, players are reaching record-setting levels because of the presence of both Ambush strongboxes and Invasion bosses. There's still plenty of time to reach level 40 to become eligible for the awesome physical prizes. The hosts of the State of Exile podcast have posted the most recent episode here - check it out!

We've now raised $20,125 for the Child's Play charity. There are six days left and we're raising around $500/day at the moment, so in order to encourage more donations, I've decided that I'll shave my head if we raise at least $25,000 for charity. It's winter here, so that'll be a substantial cold resistance penalty, but it's for a good cause!

By the way, Build of the Week 206 is ready to be posted tomorrow. The player who contributed the build is actually using that build right now in the two-week race and is in the top ten with it :)
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Congrats, almost there!
Chris, I thought you're already bald :)
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looks like someone will need a dream fragment
Haha, Cris without hair, what a funny imagination! xD
not another build of the week...
the last one made it so my friend couldn't get three dragons for his firestorm build.
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Pic or didn't happen
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Well I'll need to donate... You are Hardcore into....
But, But ... the mask just looks good on scion and i don't play her :( ... i'm pretty sure my marauder looks kinda dumb with it :)
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