The Two-Week Charity Race has Started!

Our two-week hybrid Ambush/Invasion charity race to support the Child's Play charity just started. Click here for more information on the event including its awesome prizes. You only need to reach level 40 to be eligible to win physical prizes such as Razer mice and keyboards, NVIDIA graphics cards and Turtle Beach headsets - in two weeks this is a very straightforward goal. If you're interested in an idea of what to run in the race, try out this recent Build of the Week, selected for that purpose!

The total raised for Child's Play so far is now over $10,000! Click here if you'd like to contribute $5 for an exclusive Angelic Mask helmet skin. 100% of proceeds will be donated when the event ends.
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IGN: Pumar, Pumam , PumarR , PumaPunch , PumaWander , PumaCleave, PumaSlams
Over $10000 already? Wow, amazing!

( always wanted to do it :3 )
ign : Adi_aka_Andy 91 mara, REEP
ign : Adi_AcrobatEk 91 scion ,REEP
ign : oU__Uo 94 bowman ,SC
ign : oU_Uo 93 shad ,SC
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GL&HF to all!
Snapshots are for photographers.
good luck all :)
cant wait to see how much you guys end up raising, over 10k is awesome!
goodluck to everyone racing ^.^
Ign- Dat works no matter what character i'm playing
Feel_My_Wrath_And_Anger (level 89 phys wander shadow) (standard)
Flameblastisprettygood (Flameblast prolif burn balanced build) (Rampage)
Laziness is the mother of all bad habits, but ultimately she is a mother and we should respect her.
I am not lazy, I am highly motivated to do nothing.
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