--- You need Exalts FAST ? You hate trading? Sell me your items you dont need !!! - BEST Price

You can offer me?

IGN: IchigoDuelist
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Check my shop. Send me your offer from forum messages(pref) or add me

IGN: AvantiUltras

here is my shop link:
Here's some stuff I got, feel free to pm me on anything you might be interested in.


lemme know if youd do any of these up to 20-25% off ea
༗ IGN: Warcry ༗
༗ Lvl 100s: #7 ༗
༗ Twitch.tv/WarcryLive ༗
༗ Velka's Ravens: 1772222 ༗
༗ Mirror Thread: 1832043 ༗ #1 ES Wander Opal Ring ༗ #1 Lab Runner Vanguard Belt ༗

can you offer me for all of em if possible??

Interested? From SSC to you personally in STD

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