Season Seven, Event 151: 1 Hour ELBLAMT

I made an endless ledge, but cant remember what's about ... BLAMT is obviouse Deadly one ^^ if you do 1, you never forget LW totem or corpse explosion ^^
BLAMT : blood magic, lethal, ancestral, multiprojectile, turbo

you have several links in the first few lines of the first post that explains what are this modifiers.
Everytime I yank a jawbone from a skull, then ram it in an eyesocket, I know I'm buildin' a better future !
Ugh, 10th place and 2nd ranger when a pack of 6 dsync fucking birds killed me. Makes me a sad racer.
Way too hard race, a pity...
"Hey man, nice shot"
Brisa guild leader,
"All challenges" seeker.
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tfw 1-2 mobs from top in class :(

was really lucky so 1st ;)
I placed 6th overall, my highest ranking in any race ever....and I'm fourth in my class. Figures.

Medium flasks are OP. Especially when you get 5 of them.

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I think people are so used to techniques for running as fast as possible through content, that they don't really know how to behave in this race. :P

I had decent luck in getting a magic superior crude bow with +2-4 phys and a life ammy, but I also arrived 5 minutes late, and still managed 25th overall. Finally, a race where I can take my time and kill everything too!
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