The Return of the Development Manifesto

The Development Manifesto is a set of articles that discusses our development philosophies, upcoming content and changes we're internally testing. It currently only contains seven articles, but we'll be expanding it over the coming weeks to cover many other topics. Please check it out and let us know if you have any feedback!

The following topics are included in today's update:
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I thought he was old, crotchety and his writing sucked. Then he left for another forum.
Awesome, tons of new stuff to keep me busy.
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You can never have too much info.thanks
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8/8 Challenges Domination/Nemesis
8/8 Challenges Ambush/Invasion

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Much appreciated.

I'm looking forward to the Atziri fragment manifesto.
Shop closed until further notice. Check out my Dominus musical tribute instead:
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forst page
nice news, 1st page HYPU!!!
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Awesome, these are always interesting - thanks! :)
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