What's coming in 1.1.2b?

We're preparing a small update, 1.1.2b, for later this week. This news post highlights the changes coming in the patch. It shouldn't be treated as formal patch notes, because some of these changes may be dropped/modified and other changes may make their way in.

  • Rogue Exiles can now only cast their Vaal skills once. While they initially had cooldowns, we've shifted towards trying to simulate an encounter with another player who has charged up his Vaal skills from monsters but isn't getting any more souls during the encounter with you.
  • Various Rogue Exile skills have been rebalanced. Vaal Burning Arrow isn't quite as terrifying to fight against, for example. Rogue Exile Flameblast has been reduced at higher levels also.
  • Rogue Exiles have had their life reduced. They're meant to simulate fast-paced player encounters and the fights don't have to last as long as regular boss fights.
  • We've added 3d art for the Thousand Ribbons and Starkonja's Head alternate art race rewards. You can see a screenshot of the body armour here. The chickens in that screenshot aren't in this patch.
  • Fixed a bug where cosmetic pets would sometimes never move after being summoned. This was a long-standing bug that has been in the game for over two years.
  • Other small bug fixes. The complete list will be in the actual patch notes.
  • The Elite Armour Skin microtransactions.
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2nd yo nice seraph redux

Support gem idea while I'm here:

Cast When Distance Traveled
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first page

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edit 2: wtf I want chickens this is bullsh** i am unsubscribing.

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Support Gem Idea:

Cast when Chicken Cooked
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Last. Thanks for update
"The chickens in that screenshot aren't in this patch."

Last straw guys. I'm done with this game. GG, GGG.
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Good. Exiles Everywhere races will be fun again. Thanks.
Really hope this includes the summoner skill that unsticks minions
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GGG you rock!
Buff Greust's abs!
Yay for RE rebalance!
I hate Minara.
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