Season Seven, Event 56: 1 Hour Endless Ledge

I was playing 1 Hour Endless Ledge (S07F056) and my character did die before the event ended. I thought when a character died before the event ended because it was hardcore it would go to standard when the event ended but it has not yet. I got two uniques in the event. Do you get the season uniques at the end of the 4 month leagues?
unsane2 wrote:
Completed 5 Challengesmaxor wrote:
Any-body else not get credited for being in the race?

I only got to level 11 but i survived and it would be nice to get the points.

:( If you delete your character before the league is moved to void league, you don't get points. It's in the race info links. Never delete your point characters until 5 min after the race or so.

Ok i see thanks for the info
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