Equality league.

I've heard of people running two PoE clients, one with a shop mule to handle trades and the other with the main character open. People with good computers will do that to sell their items in the equality league, so that will still be pay to win.
I've heard of people trolling other people on a specific day of the year... xD
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fucking retard cost 15$ to get some tabs if you care so much about ladder you can pay 15$ dumbfk
VaultzInex wrote:
My best idea would be: Make the tabs a community thing, if 1000 players have paid for a certain amount of money then every player of the league could benefit from the tabs. This way, GGG has been supported and players areall equal even if they PAY.
GGG could start this community microtransaction for each new league/ladder.[/b]

Oh, wouldn't it be great if it was the same thing for leveling?? Like all characters should just share their exp and everyone would have the same level! So let's say X characters have been created in Equality League and Y is the amount of exp total gained in that league. Y would simply be divided by X and that would be the amount of exp for everyone! I am sure everyone would totally love that!
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Borup wrote:
I've heard of people trolling other people on a specific day of the year... xD
Dragol wrote:

What do you mean sustain?
How many maps you can store in 4 tabs?
Probably a crapton, and with the 3:1 recipe I have no idea how you run out of space to put maps


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lol I have just short of 90 stash tabs. I have about...3 exalts, 2 chaos and about an exalts worth of other orbs.

I have 18 premium stash tabs, omg I dont even have any exalts in Ambush league, I'm so fucking rich!!!

also I pay to win everytim

here is my ambush shop if you wanna see all the epic loots I can hold in my 18 stash tabs

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pft what

buy some tabs and support the devs
given the fact that you're advancing faster itemwise if you trade, i see limited tabs more as an advantage.

having only the standard amount of tabs forces you to trade away all good items you don't need immediately and so giving you more orbs to improve or buy better gear.

people with 50+ tabs so often tend to hoard good items with the intention to sell them later (which will never happen) and these items end up rotting in standard or hardcore readonly tabs until the end of days +1. so they're off much worse.

by providing the option to enlarge your stash, ggg basically provides an commercial way out for people who desperately hate interacting with other individuals to not having to trash very good items at the ingame trader for no advantage at all.

the only way additional stash is helpful is if you plan to run multiple characters later. but if you put that much dedication into a game and like it that much it is appropriate to support the developers anyway.

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