Season Seven, Event 33: 1 Hour Endless Ledge

hjerk1782 wrote:
I died right when I hit level 9 so I made another char and hit level 10. I do not get points for both of them?

PS - This race was the least fun of all races by far. If it had been my first race I probably wouldn't run another race period.
you hit the same bracket, so you cant receive more than one reward for this. But even if you'd hit different brackets, there is one of new bugs that snowballing every time, that prevents you to receive multiple rewards for races that allow to die and receive points.
Working 11 hrs a day, reep races!
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had incredible luck the first few zones (no discharges like in the 2 ELs before)

had a good wand and lucked 2 good flasks that saved my ass quite a few times; nothing too special otherwise.
this pots is insane
Working 11 hrs a day, reep races!
Died at level 9, rerolled new character and managed to hit level 17, but only got points from my lv9 character. :(

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