Cut-throat, Event 3: 3 Hour Cut-throat

This is the third event of the test cut-throat events.

An Introduction to Cut-throat Mode thread has been posted, if you are new to this league type it is highly advised you read the introduction.

Existing players who are familiar with the cut-throat league rule set are also advised on reading the thread as new rules may have been introduced, these rules are summarized below.

Summary of general Cut-throat rules:
  • This is a separate short-duration league that has its own stash (as usual). At the end of the event, characters and stashed items will be moved to Standard.
  • There's a PvP damage multiplier because players start with a lot more life than they do damage. This multiplier will be adjusted substantially based on feedback from this event and others.
  • Players are hostile by default to all players.
  • You can ctrl+click on the entrance to an area to use the Instance Management screen to manually enter other players' instances of an area.
  • Cut-throat instances can hold a maximum of 12 players.
  • This test is not a hardcore league. When you die, you lose the normal experience penalty for your difficulty plus 30% of your current level. You also drop all inventory and equipped items. Your flasks, skill gems (even ones in your inventory) and quest items are not dropped.
  • If you were killed by another player, your lost experience is given to them.
  • If you attempt to abruptly leave the game (such as pressing Alt+F4) in a non-town instance, you have to wait 5 seconds and are unable to move or use flasks.
  • The grace period of invulnerability upon entering an area is 20 seconds. This should start once the player is mostly done loading.
  • Non-partied players only show up on the map if they're nearby.
  • There are no notifications for players joining or leaving areas.
  • Portals cannot be used until they have been up for five seconds after they have been cast.
  • You cannot apply microtransaction effects to items in cut-throat. You may dance and have pets.
  • Cut-throat events are not experience races. There's no prize for being highest level. There are no prizes at all other than the fun of participation.
  • There's now a level limit on entering areas that contain other players. If you're much higher level than the lowest level player in the area, or much lower level than the highest level player, you can't join. Let us know what you think about the numbers we chose and we can tweak them for subseuqent events.
  • The guild stash is not available.
  • Players may not party up in this event. We are going to experiment with parties-with-friendly-fire in future ones.
do we need to progress at all? why just wouldnt put level cap to 15 and let the raping begin. I had as much fun as lvl3 as 10. It would eventually put everyone to same line, except loot.

What is the point scoring like for these races? Are any points given out?
I31GKH4WK wrote:
What is the point scoring like for these races? Are any points given out?

no points
only for fun and test
There might be a glitch with the instant-logout timer. A couple dudes i tried to kill insta-logged, i tried it out and it seemed to log instantly. I used log to character selection instead of login, though.

Loving the league, thanks guys
Killed by a shadow in forest that insta froze with cold snap from so far away that there wasnt even a red cross on my map, then freeze pulsed to death. Ran back got stuff, made new instance, same thing again. How the heck does someone remove there x on the map.
I think the level range either needs to be tweaked or there was a bug.... that a level 9 and 10, ran into a level 19 and level 20 who basically 1-shotted us both.

I can understand a few levels, 3-4, but not 10.
greendude yellowdude.

lots of running away from greendude in this one.

obviously too scared.
DvuruchOP its me
after 5-10 lvl 80% run run tp quit
btw its pvp event not sprinter championship

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