1.1.0b Patch Notes (hotfix)

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What about the witch power siphon?
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Should it show 1.1.0b in Loginscreen? Still 1.1.0 there
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There's no stopping GGG and the magical things they do.
Nice work, thanks. I didn't even finish my download yet and you already fixed stuff.

Edit: Steam is making me download the whole game again, anyone else have this issue? I have very slow connection speed and would rather not spend days downloading if not necessary.
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Awesome work, thanks Qarl.

Playing almost every day since Beta version 0.9.1 in 2011.

Edit: I just restarted my computer and it's still happening.
same name in-game
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As always. GGG is on top of their game.
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No one cares if you're first page and we would rather see constructive comments.


I am using the same spec, no Vaal Pact and about 10% life leech. With the supposed change I thought the leech value would always change according to highest rate attained through damage. However I am not seeing this greater return and in fact am not leeching as much as I used to pre-patch. Adjusting to the highest amount possible according to damage done will help us leechers live and the only way the nerf to Vaal Pact will be doable.

Or do I not understand the change to life leech?
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K someone test BM again and post here if they suck.

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