[2.2] Arly's Lightning Arrow - Elemental Pathfinder

Introduction: The goal of this build is simply to solo clear maps as fast as possible with the goal of reaching very high levels in the shortest amount of time. This build focuses on flask synergy through a combination of flasks and passives to maximize potency. This is not a beginner friendly build nor is it for it for everyone because you have to manage flasks and optimize gear.

Preface: If you're someone who cares about tooltip dps than actual clear speed then turn around now and pick up one of many 300k dps builds on these boards. This build is not intended for you.

Build video:
Level 87 - T9 gorge map - 2:23 minute clear - Perandus League
Level 88 - T13 wasteland map - Single target damage example against Voll - Perandus League
Level 88 - T13 waterways map [-max,fleet,monster damage] - Perandus League
Level 92 - Apex of sacrifice - 4:15 clear - Perandus League

2.2 Build information

Build metrics: Clear speed:4, Survive:2.5, map versatility:4, ST potential:4, cost:2 (higher meaning less expensive)
About the build: I have been playing PoE for about 3 years now. My first character was marauder and one of the first 3 marauders to ever reach level 100 on standard. He was a bow marauder and the origin of the build you see here.

How expensive is this build:The starting cost is a pair of Thunderfist and Rigwald's Quills(or a 5 link chest) and a decent elemental crit bow which should cost less than 15 chaos total even on a fresh league. The cost at level 88 to hyper clear ~T10 maps is 55 chaos + the cost of a Tabula rasa or a thunderfist + Rigwald's quills if you're on a budget but keep in mind a lot of thought has to go into your itemization and this no means a guarantee. You must eventually get a voltaxic rift which will raise the build cost by 1 to 2 additional exalts.

Build mechanics: This build is centered around two unique items:
-Voltaxic rift to convert lightning to chaos damage and grant you immunity to reflect as well as ignores elemental resistances and EE maps
-Blood dance to gain .5-1% life regeneration per frenzy charge and use life regeneration both to sustain cost of skills as well as a an effective health wall. They also let you gain frenzy charge per kill (30% chance).

The following ascendancy passive:
-Herbalist which allows you to poison on hit 100% of the time as long as you are actively using a flask. This will mean the converted lightning damage from voltaxic will poison enemies for both blast rain and LA.
-Master surgeon which will recharge a flask on crit 10% of the time in conjunction with diamond flask

Flask are an integral part of the build and you will want the following all with the experimenter's prefix to extend duration:
-A quicksilver flask of adrenaline
-A diamond flask to proc master surgeon and to sustain your crit chance
-A Basalt flask to provide physical damage mitigation
-An Atziri's promise to boost damage output as well as give a huge amount of chaos leech

-A seething divine flask of heat since we dispel bleed on any flask use

- one of the top Tier 1 end game map builds and what I would consider an apex build
- Essentially immune to reflect
- Able to achieve an immense amount life regeneration
- Built around solo play but strong in groups as well
- Able to do any map except blood magic but including hard ones containing -max , dual reflect, no regeneration

- Takes time and knowledge of game mechanics and affix equivalences to be successful. You can not slap random gear and level 10 gems on a level 70 character and expect to steamroll Tier 10 maps blindfolded. This is not a beginner friendly build nor one you that can play itself in your sleep.
- Reliant on skill to do difficult bosses since you are certainly not a tank build and not built to face leech your way through the game
- High level and gear requirement to be optimal but not very much to be effectual

2.2 Perandus league build progression

build progress - perandus league - level 78

4945 life
457 life regen
7800 blast rain (5 link) [auras + golem + 6 fcharge + 3pcharge , no bloodrage or flasks ]
5200 gmp chain LA (5 link) [auras + golem + 6 fcharge + 3pcharge , no bloodrage or flasks ]

build progress - perandus league - level 86

This has been the fastest progression of any character ive ever played. The only tricky component is getting a voltaxic early which is now intrinsic to the build. Most of the gear used was either 1 chaos( rings, glove, helm) or self found (quiver,belt,amulet).

Time played: 1 day, 18 hours
4976 life
442 life regen (with 7 frenzy charges, 600 with flasks)
7950 LA gmp chain dps(golem, auras, no BR or flasks)
10170 blast rain dps (golem, auras, no BR or flasks)

13000 LA gmp chain dps(golem, auras, 7 frenzy charges, 3 pcharges, no BR or flasks)
16000 blast rain dps (golem, auras, 7 frenzy charges, 3 ppcharges, no BR or flasks)

18000 LA gmp chain dps(golem, auras, 7 frenzy charges, 3 pcharges, all flasks, no br)
22000 blast rain dps (golem, auras, 7 frenzy charges, 3 ppcharges, all flasks, no br)

Level 88 progress - perandus - gameplay video

played time: 1 day 23 hours

5284 life
470 life regen (with 7 frenzy charges, 600 with flasks)
9800 LA gmp chain dps(golem, auras, no BR or flasks)
11000 blast rain dps (golem, auras, no BR or flasks)

14600 LA gmp chain dps(golem, auras, 7 frenzy charges, 3 pcharges, no BR or flasks)
16200 blast rain dps (golem, auras, 7 frenzy charges, 3 ppcharges, no BR or flasks)

21500 LA gmp chain dps(golem, auras, 7 frenzy charges, 3 pcharges, all flasks, no br)
25000 blast rain dps (golem, auras, 7 frenzy charges, 3 ppcharges, all flasks, no br)

Gear cost:
Bow: 1 exalt + 72% rats nest
armor: 16C
amulet: 1 fusing
boots: 12C
both rings: 2c
belt: self found
quiver: self found
gloveS: 1c
jewels: about 20C total

total cost = 1 exalt + 72% rats nest + 51c + 1 fusing

2.1 Game play Videos - Talisman league

99% Solo play from level 1 to 90

Level 88 - plateau map(10) - 3:20 minute clear

gear and tree


Cost breakdown:
Gear cost breakdown [As of date 12/20/2015] :
Armor: 1 exalt on day 1
Jewels: 20 chaos total
Diamond ring: 12 chaos
Bow: 9 chaos a few days ago
Helm: 5 chaos
Boots: 3 chaos day 1
Quiver: 2 chaos day 1
Gloves: 1 chaos
Coral ring: 1 chaos today
belt: self found
Talisman: self found
Flask: 2 chaos

Total cost: 55 chaos + cost of tabula rasa + cost of fusings/chromes to link and color gear

Keep in mind tabula rasa as of today is only 25 chaos orbs and you can make do with a much cheaper ring and jewels. The difficult part is knowing how to itemize and prioritize gear and jewel affixes.

2.1 Talisman league character progression

level 44
1500 LA dps

level 49

got really lucky with an exalt drop and some nice rares

level 52

level 57 - Day 1 - 4,100 LA LMP dps

level 71 - Day 2 - 3388 life, 158 life regen per second , LA LMP chain dps : 5,400, 86 IIR

level 76 - Day 3 - 6,000 dps LA LMP chain , 90 IIR, 3800 life

Managed to get the lowest possible wed roll on my best :(

Level 83 - day 6 - 11,000 LA lmp chain, 4000 life

Picked up a rotgut and found a vaal haste - final dps with both up and charges is 14 000! Basically twice the dps of my level 100 bow marauder 2 years ago. It's amazing how far this build has come along.

Level 85 - 22,710 LA gmp chain, 3960 life 220 life regen

30,000 dps with vaal haste and atziri's promise

DPS with thunderfist instead of tabula rasa: 18961 - seems lower but the shock duration more than makes up for it making it equal or better than tabula rasa. 25,000 dps with atziri's promise and vaal haste.

Level 88 - 24,219 dps, 3980 life 220 life regen

Level 91 - 38,955 dps, 4270 life

Upgraded from tabula rasa and got a new helm. Using tfist but no quills.
DPS with golem and aura: LA: 19713 , -- blast rain: 24,208
DPS with golem and aura, BR, 7 frenzy, 3 power charges: LA 38,955 -- blast rain: 44,399
DPS with DPS with golem and aura, BR, 7 frenzy, 3 power charges, atziris promise, vaal haste:
LA: 52,000, blast rain: 58,000
evasion 8200
life 4273
CC 51.48%
CD 581% (LA)

Level 92 38,536 dps, 4,500 hp

Health: 4,500
Resists: 163/154/140/22
Evasion: 8438 (43% evade)
Life regen: 168.9
Movespeed: 12
IIR 16
IIQ: 18

With 7 frenzy charges, 3 power charges, ice golem, wrath, HoI, Blood rage:
LA DPS: 38,536 [LA+WED+GMP+Chain+crit dam+ added light]
BR DPS: 43,689 [BR+WED+FA+Conc effect] inside TFIST

With 7 frenzy charges, 3 power charges, ice golem, wrath, HoI, Blood rage, vaal haste, atziri's promise:
LA DPS: 51,789 [LA+WED+GMP+Chain+crit dam+ added light]
BR DPS: 57.252 [BR+WED+FA+Conc effect] inside TFIST

Gear cost breakdown:
Chest: 6 exalts
IIR ring: self found
ACC ring: 12 chaos
Helm: 15 chaos
belt: self found
Gloves: 2 chaos
Boots: 25 chaos
Bow: 9 chaos
Amulet: self found
Quiver: 20 chaos
Jewels: 20 chaos

Total cost: 6 exalts + 93 chaos

2.2 passive tree

-Please note there is a lot of flexibility in this build and you can opt to take phase acrobatics if you desire but I never found the need.
-You will also need to account for your attributes if your gear does not provide additional int.

Primary build - level 93 :

Passive tree

2.2 Skill Gem set-up:

LA + WED + GMP + Chain + Added light + [Added cold, FA, Crit strikes, Crit Dam, VM] - The last link is up to you. Added cold will help proc herald of ice as well crit dam.
Blast rain + WED + Concentrated effect + Added light + FA+ VM
Herald of ice + CoH + Assassin's mark + frenzy
CWDT + Herald of ice + blink arrow + ice golem
Increased duration + vaal haste + wrath + [vaal lightning trap, mirror arrow]

2.2 Gear and stats

The end game goal is to have the following items:
-Voltaxic rift
-Lightning coil
-Blood dance
-The retch belt or a rare belt with increased flask effect duration

Tier 2 - Perandus league gear and stats

Level 88 pathfinder:

5284 life
470 life regen (with 7 frenzy charges, 600 with flasks)
9800 LA gmp chain dps(golem, auras, no BR or flasks)
11000 blast rain dps (golem, auras, no BR or flasks)

14600 LA gmp chain dps(golem, auras, 7 frenzy charges, 3 pcharges, no BR or flasks)
16200 blast rain dps (golem, auras, 7 frenzy charges, 3 ppcharges, no BR or flasks)

21500 LA gmp chain dps(golem, auras, 7 frenzy charges, 3 pcharges, all flasks, no br)
25000 blast rain dps (golem, auras, 7 frenzy charges, 3 ppcharges, all flasks, no br)

Gear cost:
Bow: 1 exalt + 72% rats nest
armor: 16C
amulet: 1 fusing
boots: 12C
both rings: 2c
belt: self found
quiver: self found
gloveS: 1c
jewels: about 20C total

Tier 1 End game gear and stats - Lightning coil variant/Windripper

Level 96 marauder:
LA DPS: 54000
Blast rain DPS: 92000
Life: 6000
Life regen: 800
movespeed: 52%
mitigation: 40% physical from Lcoil

Tier 1 End game gear and stats - Koam's heart variant

2.0 DPS Stats

DPS with 7 frenzy charges and ice golem - Can be raised even higher by swapping out LGoH with faster attacks:

DPS with 7 frenzy charges and ice golem:

Defensive stats with 7 frenzy charges:

Tier 3 mid-ranged gear level 85 - 6 Link chest variant

4000 life 20,000 LA gmp chain dps - Pretend the chest is a nice 6 link evasion armor or a lightning coil

Tier 4 Budget gear level 85 - Thunderfist + Rigwald's quills variant

3900 life 18000 LA DPS gmp chain dps - 100% increased shock duration - Forked

leveling and gear guide

For a temp league fresh off, grab a storm cloud for about 1 chaos then invest in inexpensive life/resist gear. Stormcloud can take you all the way to level 60+ if needed but try to find a decent 150-200 EDPS bow for a few chaos by level 40. Try to get a blood dance by around level 50.

your first big item should be a tabula rasa which tends to run for 30 chaos a few days after launch OR a thunderfist which runs for 2 chaos - though any 5 link chest will also work if your level is too low for thunderfist and you do not want to invest in a tabula rasa. Additionally, if you can get a Rigwald's quills then you can effectively simulate the power of a 6 link in a 4 link item with fork replacing chain. This should be all you need to progress to 90 effectively. The most important item for the build is a voltaxic rift and everything should be devoted to get one after your tabula rasa or 5 link chest.

The final major item purhcase will be a lightning coil but I would not recommend this until you have 6 linked a voltaxic rift which is a tremendous undertaking and I would recommend simply selling your 4 or 5 linked voltaxic + currency for one already 6 linked. However, you do NOT need lightning coil to progress past even level 93 and you can simply use a tabula rasa or an inexpensive 6 link but if you can afford it, go for it.

Sample leveling gear level 24

Sample leveling gear level 56

Run wrath and herald of ice and use mana to cast your attacks. Pick up the large mana node near ranger starting and one attack mana leech node either near ranger or duelist this will be enough to fully sustain your mana. Having mana gained on hti jewels will help immensely even end game on lowered regen maps. Use bloodrage to generating frenzy charges once your life regen is comfortably high.

Bow: An elemental bow with high crit chance and flat cold/light damage is ideal and will bridge the gap between storm cloud and voltaxic rift. Keep in mind you can master craft either IAS or crit chance on bows. It is VERY important that the bow either has high crit, can mastercraft crit or already has crit chance as an affix. Crit multi will do wonders for your dps as well and I would suggest searching for [200 edps min and 30 crit multi min] and find bows with crit 20+ rolled or an open suffix to roll 27 crit chance. I would aim for at least 1.5 APS after all mods are placed but ias is not the most important stat.

A brief summary of bows:
Voltaxic - reflect immunity and the end game goal
Lion's eye - absolute suicide for this build due to ele reflect
Non-legacy Windripper - massive crit chance but actually does not do as much damage as it seems. The following rare ele bow actually does significant more DPS without attack speed mastercraft and the same DPS without it however, even if 2 bows produce the same dps, the one with higher crit chance will win out due to consistency, ailment procs and p-charge generation.

Rare ele bows - potentially the highest possible elemental damage so far but you have to find additional ways to counteract reflect. I would not recommend using an ele bow + acuity because its simply too expensive for the gain. The one linked above is everything you should be looking for in a bow. The lack of edps is not a big deal as long as it has crit and crit multi.
Mirrored harbinger bows - the highest possible damage with LA but I would never recommend anyone buying these for any build. The cost is astronomical for something that can be made obsolete should GGG ever return reflect to it's former strength and even now still requires you to sac your life regeneration or buy acuity's just to survive reflect.

Dps comparison between bows

Level 96 berserker full charges, no flasks.














As you can see, stormcloud is amazing for this build and is actually rather hard to beat even with much higher DPS bows due to its high base crit and ridiculous attack speed.

As a rule of thumb: try to get as much flat life as possible on all your gear slots and buffer resists using jewels.
Quiver: You can stack life and resists here and go for more offense oriented affixes like WED and crit damage later on.

Helm: Starting out, I will generally try to get int/life on here and use it as a placeholder. Late game you can try for rat's nest or a high evasion rare is ideal. A balanced choice is to go with a high evasion helm with int or accuracy life and resists. You will need accuracy and likely INT on at least one of your gear slots and I recommend putting it on your helm.
Rings: At the first, you should use these as placeholders for flat ele damage and resists. Later on, It is very important to try to get flat cold damage her especially once you make the leap to voltaxic rift as this will greatly help your shatter chances. Besides that, I would try to get WED + as much resists as humanly possible to free up other gear slots - keep in mind that flat elemental damage will do as much as WED and sells for far cheaper. For reference, 40 elemental flat damage equates to about 28 WED once you have about 230% increased damage from WED + projectile damage and other sources. Life is a luxury to have but very useful obviously.
Amulet: I would dedicate this slot solely to dps affixes and life. Having crit damage here would be ideal as there are very few places to get it. Accuracy can also be placed here.
Belt: The retch is ideal for this build but a rare belt with increased flask duration and some life resist WED is almost as good. Headhunter is also an option but very expensive for the gain.
Boots: Ideally legacy blood dance but you may want to use goldwyrm if you want to use the build to do IIQ/IIR. Rares with life and resists work too if you're lacking in that department. If legacy blood dances are not available, then I would simply go with a rare.
Gloves: Thunderfists are great unless you have a 5/6 link chest. Otherwise, life and resists are important here unless you want to go all out dps with maligaro's or IIQ/IIR with sadima's. This is one place you can easily place accuracy.
Armor:A tabula rasa is a good choice to start or any random chest + thunderfist. End game goal is lightning coil but an evasion chest will also work. Belly of the beast is not a good item and a bit of a noob trap.

jewels: Starting out I would use these to bow attack speed and projectile damage which will give a huge damage boost and they generally only run 1 chaos or less. You can regal them if you have the currency. Jewels with projectile damage and lightning damage/bow attack speed in addition to resists are the second best jewels to build around with life/APS/projectile damage being the best but ridiculously expensive.

In depth jewel itemization guide

Jewels can get a bit complicated because there are so many affixes LA will benefit from but as a rule of thumb, get the following to start:

* 6-8 attack speed with bows or 12-16% lightning damage (or chaos damage if you have voltaxic)
* 10-12 projectile damage
* extra useful affixes include: resistances, global crit , global crit + accuracy, global crit multi, crit with lightning skill, multi with lightning skill, lightning damage, 3-5 attack speed, mana gained on attacks, and life

End game you will definitely want:
2)bow attack speed or lightning damage
3)projectile damage
4)resists, crit chance, crit multi, attack/cast speed etc

Bandit quest:
Normal: Passive point (if you have Koam's heart, otherwise 40 life)
Cruel: Help Kraitlyn (8 ias)
Merciless: Frenzy charges

A note about mirrored items and BiS:
Mirroring boots, belts, shield gloves or helms is the most wasteful thing you can do in the game. These items provide very little DPS gain and over stacking resists is pointless. There will never be point where it will be worthwhile to burn 300 exalts on any of these gear slots.

You do not need a full set of mirrored items or any mirrored item to be play at the very highest level and I would encourage against blowing your wallet for a shiny duped item that will ultimately lock you into undesirable gem colors or become outdated as GGG nerfs and buffs skills or changes reflect mechanics. A build whose baseline is several mirrored items, or worst, BiS originals is a bit silly because given 2000 exalts, even a toddler could make elemental hit into a competitive end game build.

Questions and answers

Q: Why is my dps so low relative to other builds?
A: Dps is not what determines clear speed, read the preface and choose a build that suits your preferences and goals.

Q: What is clear speed?
A: Clear speed is how fast you can clear a map and takes in account movespeed, damage, aoe multiplicity and range. A simple metric is how long it takes for your build to clear mountain ledge, shore, strand, gorge map, plateau map but also factoring in how many times they were in danger of dying.

Q: What does that translate to?
A: efficiency measured by EXP/MIN which is determined by clear speed factoring in deaths.

Q: Why is my dps so low relative to yours?
A: Check you're above level 60, have relatively high leveled gems, itemized properly, and understand basic game mechanics. Take the 2 minutes it takes to ready my progression and take a look at my recorded gear progression before asking the questions that have been answered many times.
For an in depth explanation:
click me

PoE is simply a game of optimization. What I mean by this is that the goal of every build is to simply get as many desirable affixes in the highest possible amount on every gear slot but making smart tactical trade offs where you know the net gain will be greatest because few people have 6000 exalts to burn on a full set of mirrored gear.

What does this mean in practice?
-If you know 40 flat elemental damage is equal to 26-28% WED for your build then you can prioritize the remaining affixes to have very high resists or life rather than getting a crummy 28% WED ring with 40 life and some resists that cost you several exalts.
-If you know 8 ias and 12 projectile is going to give you the most dps/cost in a jewel but also know life jewels will cost 20x as much, then prioritize life on gear and dps on jewels rather than dps first on gear and life on jewels.
-If you know that you will need spend 3 passive points to get 40 int then simply get it as an affix in your helm because int is much cheaper than resists and you net 3 passives.
-If you can get 40 total resists from a jewel with slightly less damage than a similar jewel but this allows you to upgrade a gear slot that you had .
-If you had to choose between 2 rings one with 15 flat cold and 20 flat light and the other with 5 flat cold and 35 flat light you should actually pick the former even at a dps loss because the cold damage will help with shatters which will help with pcoc which will make your run overall smoother.
-This is the primary reason why this build is not beginner friendly.
-The ONLY way to get as much performance out of the build with the minimal amount of currency investment shown is to know and understand affix equivalences and to itemize and optimize your gear properly.

Q: Can I replace LA/TS with [insert bow skill]
A: Yes, you certainly can. Bow skills are versatile enough to allow you to use what ever you prefer.

Q: Can I play this build as a shadow, marauder or duelist?
A: Yes, you certainly can.

Q: Can I Atziri?
A: This is one of the best Atziri in the game.

Q: Can I use this build on a new league?
A: Absolutely. I have detailed my progression in 2 temp leagues.

Please post questions in thread and not in-game as others will be able to benefit and its not efficient to answer similar questions from several people.

Other builds I've authored:
Elemental cyclone/reaver
Low life spark inquisitor
Staff earthquake Beserker
Low life Varunasin: WIP
Elemental kinetic blast: WIP
IGN: Arlianth
Check out my LA build: 1782214
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End-game videos prepatch

DPS Stats - fully self buffed - Version 1 (4 auras)

328 DPS lions - 47k frenzy, 13k LA , 6900 life, 220 life regen

338 DPS volt - 34k frenzy, 10k LA , 6900 life, 220 life regen

DPS Stats - fully self buffed - Version 2 (5 auras)

338 DPS volt - 41k frenzy, 10k LA , 6600 life, 680 life regen, 57 ms, ondars guille

glyph flight DPS harbinger - 19.7k LA, 122k-132k frenzy(6L)

Gameplay Video of 1.06 scion

full clear - 77 shrine map - max resist, ele reflect
-note the outer wall clear formation as well as potion management which helps in doing efficient runs
-I run into double reflect once and crit weakness it for good measure ;)
-I was able to showcase ondar's amazing evasive abilities vs ice form piety briefly

full clear : 76 crematorium map - double reflect, frenzy, fleet boss
-evangelist mobs, flicker mobs some of the toughest for ranged to deal with

full clear : 77 shipyard map - 147 quantity, max res, half regen, fleet

full clear : 76 academy map - 99 quantity,vulnerability , ele reflect, added lightning damage, chain

boss fight : 76 creamatorium map - max resitance, + monster damage, + boss damage/speed

boss fight : 76 crematorium map - dual boss, no curse, - max resistance

Build/gear optimization/tactics

Character building is about balance. Don't go overboard on dps. Focus on survivability(life) first and foremost and try to get mobility(movespeed) and utility(life regen) if at all possible. DPS is just a number and simply having more of it does not mean you will be able to advance levels and clear maps efficiently.

Overstacking resists: Do not over stack your resistances, this is lazy and badly optimized. Get exactly enough to hit max or a little over and swap wrath for purity of elements on ele weak maps or a ring swap.

Aura swapping: It's a good idea to swap out anger for vitality for elemental reflect and -max maps just to be safe.

Gear analysis

Bow - Voltaxic is arguably the best bow if you want to level your character past level 90. Reflect is simply too dangerous a mechanic to progress past 90 without. A rare ele thicket works as well and are ridiculously cheap. A near mirror quality ele thicket can be had for several exalts but you will have to rely on evasion and arrow dancing to help mitigate reflect.
Armor - Koams heart is mandatory for the build unless youre willing to sacrifice a lot of crit/dps nodes. +500 hp koams will also work and provide a decent boost to your damage.
Gloves - Thunderfist are fantastic due to shock duration and provide potential boost to your secondary skill and maligaros will help you proc crits. Its totally up to you but I went with the latter. Rare gloves will work fine as well if you need the life and resistances.
Belt - A rare belt with tri res and life is ideal, WED is a nice bonus but not mandatory
Ring/Amulet - Life + wed + ele damage or some flavor of the 3 and some resists- these along with your quiver will be the biggest source of dps and it will be the biggest determinate in your final damage output, you also need them to provide a large chunk of resistances based on the rest of your gear choices, this is where most of the cost of the build comes from. Elemental damage rings and amulets are generally very inexpensive.
Quiver - life, crit dam, wed, accuracy , ias, crit chance in that order, you can generally find very good ones for cheap.
Helm - Alpha's howl is a great choice for this build but it's still possible to run all 3 auras by using enlighten level 3 + a unique jewel or enlighten 4.
Boots - Blood Dance is the heart of the build and remain one of the most underapreciated and undervalued uniques in the game.

Class rankings/Build variants

Ranger = 10/10 - Absolutely ideal class for bow users as of 1.1
Shadow = 9/10 - Very similar to ranger but has 2 poor starting nodes
Scion = 7/10 - viable option but no longer the best
Marauder = 5/10 - Very high life starting nodes and amazing +2 max resist potential
Duelist = 4/10 - Mediocre starting nodes in a quadrant you dont need to traverse to
Templar = 2/10 - Awful class to use bows as or pretty much any build
Witch = 1/10 - Worst class to use life based bows as

misc data

1.06 Level 100 marauder comparison:
HP: 6912
LA dps with frenzy charges: 7669
frenzy dps with frenzy charges: 34600
life regen:812
*30% crit damage reduction

1.06 Level 96 scion comparison:
HP: 7059
LA dps with frenzy charges: 9248
frenzy dps with frenzy charges: 43477
life regen: 695

2.0 level 89 ranger comparison: - Funnily, all the nerfs/buffs actually tripped the build's offensive power and gave the build a truly monstrous single target shotgun
HP: 6000
LA dps with frenzy charges: 28000
TS dps with frenzy charges: 27000
life regen: 755

Special thanks to:

http://www.pathofexile.com/account/view-profile/MonopolyLegend For making one of the best designed and underappreciated uniques in the game.

http://www.pathofexile.com/account/view-profile/VenatorPoE For starting the bow marauder revolution.

http://www.pathofexile.com/account/view-profile/dakoos For being a good friend through out the years.

Ascendancy theory crafting

There are 3 primary class choices for this build once ascendancy is released:
Ranger - Deadeye:

Variant 1: Ricochet - skills chain 1 additional times, 20% ias, 50% projectile damage, 30% projectile speed
Far shot - projectiles deal up to 30% more damage as they travel, 10% accuracy, 10% projectile damage
-This is likely the ideal choice for the build because we will not chain thrice instead of twice. This will scale very high with additional arrows from corruptions or rigwald's quills.

Variant 2: Endless munitions - 1 additional projectile, 200 accuracy, 20% increased AoE, 20% projectile damage, 20% accuracy, projectiles deal up to 30% more damage as they travel
Fast and deadly - 30% project speed, 40% projectile damage , 15% ias
-This is not a bad choice but AoE and increased projectiles is usually not synergistic and we already have 5 projectiles total with GMP.

Ranger - Raider:

Shadow - Assassin:

Variant 1: Ambush: 60% increased multi vs full life foes, 100% MORE crit chance vs full life foes, 15% crit chance
Deadly infusion: 10% multi per power charge, .5% BASE crit chance per power charge, 10% to gain power charge on non crit, 20% increased power charge duration, 30% critical strike chance
-If deadly infusion actually modifies base crit then this would have to be the best choice for the build because with 7 power charges you gain 3.5% base crit. This would raise a voltaxic's 6% base crit to 9.5 which is on par with even a windripper. This will likely be heavily nerfed right before release but if not, then this would certainly be the best class for this build.

IGN: Arlianth
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thanks for your fast updating the build!

i'm going to play this in the new league, ill give a feedback later on

good job!
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My Phys Crit Split Arrow Ranger Guide: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/919885

My Poison Arrow Ranger Guide: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/806913
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I have looked everywhere for a Ranger LA/Frenzy Aura build as I want to play a build that does good AoE damage but also provides good support in groups.

I'm currently level 69, could you tell me if my gear would be viable to play this build as I plan on re-specing to this later tonight.


Thanks in advance
Being fussy, topic's name should be 1.1.0.. =)

I like your build a lot but the gear "requirements" always take me down. I don't know if it's worth to try it on this new Ambush league.
Boltonsquad wrote:
I have looked everywhere for a Ranger LA/Frenzy Aura build as I want to play a build that does good AoE damage but also provides good support in groups.

I'm currently level 69, could you tell me if my gear would be viable to play this build as I plan on re-specing to this later tonight.


Thanks in advance

You have a long ways to go before the build starts to shine but its still going to be far better than going blood magic keystone.

Crucially, you need more WED on slots as well as a ele bow instead of a phys slow bow. I got these for an exalt or less.

tanfodelmale wrote:
Being fussy, topic's name should be 1.1.0.. =)

I like your build a lot but the gear "requirements" always take me down. I don't know if it's worth to try it on this new Ambush league.

example stats for a budget version utilizing no koams and no voltaxic

I've been playing a lot recently and think I've reached what is pretty much the end of the road for me due to the cost of rolling maps and the time needed to progress. I wanted to share my stats and show that this build can be done very effectively for less than the cost of a Voltaxic.

My Gear

Cost of Gear
Bow: I bought it for 7 ex and spent about an ex chroming it: 8 ex
Chest: I bought it for 13 ex and spent an exalt chaosing it: 14 ex
Quiver: I bought it for 4gcp, which at the time was: .4 ex
Helm: I bought it for 3 ex, and spend about half an ex chroming it: 3.5 ex
Gloves: Bought for 8 chaos, which at the time was: .4 ex
Boots: Bought for 12 chaos, which at the time was: .6 ex
Amulet: I found this one. It's probably the only good item I've ever found 0 ex
Prismatic Ring: Cost me 4 exalt and I'm pretty happy with it. 4 ex
Paua Ring: I feel I overpaid a little, especially when compared to the Prismatic ring but the seller was firm. Thanks for the item Ventor: 5 ex
Belt: I'm really happy with this belt and I was happy with the price: 3.5 ex

Total: 39.4 ex

I was using static blows up until now when I finally decided the shock stacks weren't enough as since they weren't coming off a crit they weren't applying to the entire pack, only parts of it. I initially exited out of the life regen side of Scion and I specced out of that in favor of the projectile damage side around level 86. The hanging 30 int node is because with my current tree and gear I have 11 less in than I need for Wrath which could be solved by acquiring an onyx amulet to replace my amber one, though anything I've found that is a meaningful upgrade is at least 15 exalts, though I find it hard to believe my amulet is worth even a quarter of that.

I initially took the two reduced reservation nodes by Templar, though I found myself running only 4 auras with them anyway. If I could run 4 60% and 1 40% I would but I don't ever need to turn on purity as I have at least 119% resists for every element which allows me to run elemental weakness maps that also have elemental reflect.

Losing the regen from scion wasn't that noticeable as I dropped from approximately 160HP/s to 56HP/s.

I eventually decided to get the 30% aura radius notable as I have a ridiculous effect on my group, doubling to quadrupling their DPS.

Now the fun stuff, my stats. With the above tree and gear I have the following stats with 6 Frenzy charges using Grace, Haste, Wrath, and Anger:

Lightning Arrow DPS: 5162.3
Frenzy DPS: 22193.9
HP: 5480
Evasion Rating: 10583 | 50% Chance to Evade

I flipped some of my level 20 gems to 20Q with the vendor recipe and those haven't hit level 20 again.

I have no issues with reflect unless it is double reflect on minus max. I can swap in life leech for weapon ele and still have 3319 DPS on LA, fully charged, and do that combination just fine.

I can't believe I achieved this level of damage without putting a single point into crit which I felt I couldn't do. Getting enough accuracy to actually hit things reliably while still getting life, even while entirely ignoring resists, I've found is simply prohibitively expensive.

I really enjoyed this build. This has been my most successful character ever beyond a shadow of a doubt and has been an incredible amount of fun to play. I'd never even thought I'd had 40 exalt combined yet somehow I managed to build this character.
IGN: Arlianth
Check out my LA build: 1782214
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I'll start tonight. Let's see how it goes.
Good job, though. One of the best build for sure out there.
Is it worth using this build as ones first fresh character in Ambush? Gear requirements seems a bit steep?
IGN: Cerby / Cerbyy
cunro wrote:
Is it worth using this build as ones first fresh character in Ambush? Gear requirements seems a bit steep?

please see prior reply.
IGN: Arlianth
Check out my LA build: 1782214

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