1.1.0 Patch Notes - Sacrifice of the Vaal

Just dropped by to say, that you (GGG) have really fucked it up with the life leech change.
Thats the only reason I login here, right now, even though my opinion on its own will not change anything, i hope the opinions of many will do.
I dont know what you ve had in mind , or what your thoughts have been, but it is a kind of change, where I ask myself: have they been drunk , while working out that *piep*?

Now tell me :
What is the very important reason -(besides alcohol:D)- for that absolut nerving, many builds destroying, and for the rest making the game even harder, change?

If I fight ANY kind of oponent/s with any kind of DOT and come into a situation where I need to get out of BIG trouble, run away and with that stop leaching at that moment, well yeah I m fkd and if i want to return I m even weaker then before if that DOT or AOE-DOT has lowered my life meanwile even more. Or if one plays ranger as I do, whichs biggest advantage was distance and where i could run away a bit to recover If I needed to, I have now some kind of fkd up nerved Vaal Pact and need to constant dps to stay alive. wth is wrong with you?
My char has rly good gear and ...with the old LL it was partially very hard(maps n stuff) but now?

Cmon get sober GGG and change that back to the way it has been before cause this sucks.
Its like: the moment I stop dps ...the moment my life bubble stands still. hello?

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I have started a new char in invasion league and I must admit I like the new changes very much. But I am very frustrated that all my other characters are in standard league, after 200+ hours of playing and gathering of items/ skills and since I started about 7 chars, the highest of them being lvl 56, I don't feel that much enthusiastic about playing the game anymore.

Out of hope I didn't delete all my characters, maybe you will do something with that standard league that I feel nobody ever played since the beginning

Other than that, great job with the expansion
I decided to take a break from the game for a while. I will check back now and then to see if the life leech nerf has be reversed and if not then forget about it. I enjoyed the game for a few months (started in Nov 2013) but with the nerf it has turned from something fun to something aggravating. My research job is stressful enough and I play games to relax and get away from work, not to get angry and/or annoyed.

I have died a sufficient number of times to have a negative experience gain since the patch. At level 85 it takes a long time to build up experience and I have lost enough to just get really peeved.
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Ok, the little corrupted areas are nice. I do like them. A bit like a mini-map for some random fun without the investment of actually using a map (and in my case, as a solo-player) risking to just die horribly and waste the thing. Not so sure about the rewards yet, didn't try any of the skills so far. But the side areas are something I can choose to play or not, it's a nice option to have.

The shrines and some of the rare monster mods, not so fun.
So far the game was mostly appealing because of its many degrees of freedom, more than other games in the same direction offer. Skills and passives and gear can be mixed wildly, within the framework of the mechanics there are a lot of different ways to play the game. Makes it interesting.
Means I'm not happy with any changes that narrow down the degree of freedom. I can't really choose to not play with the shrines or evil mobs, they can't really be evaded in many cases. For example a vile touch or corrupting blood mob, most of the time the lag is bad enough that I can't see the description before the thing is already chewing on me, and the moment I notice what it is, there's not even a chance to run away anymore, it's instant death. Even if I did get a chance to see what's coming, many areas are so tight, it's close to impossible to kite and never get hit.

As a casual player I didn't mind bumbling around in areas below my level when going on was still a bit too hard. But not even that will save me there. No choice, no possibility to avoid the new content, just random deaths... meh!
I could live with having my leach-based rangers trashed if there was something new in the passive tree to work with.

The skill reset is great to let me make another build; but I can't find any changes in the tree that aren't nerfs. Help me out guys- am I missing something?

Gonna haunt the forums for a bit looking for options, but I won't be firing any arrows until a viable option for my physical damage rangers presents itself.

Way to go GGG. You just chased me off. The sad part is, I just don't understand why you felt that trashing leach was needed.

...Note to the "just bump your DPS, and everything will be great" crowd:
That's a lot like saying "just be better at it".
Stop it. That's just plain silly.
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Yes, new leech is totally trash and ruined lots of builds (then ruined the game). New OP builds (searing bond, flameblast) are totally boring. And Ambush is totally useless (only 18% of players are playing new leagues). The game took the wrong direction... GGG MUST fix that quickly.
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Chris wrote:
Update (March 4) - added the following notes:
  • Improvements have been made to early cast speed passives in the Witch and Shadow sections and to early attack speed and life passives in the Shadow section. We're investigating more detailed revamps of the caster classes (Witch, Templar and Shadow) in the future.

please, any details about the timeline of that?

So this is the patch where GGG ruined the game for me (removing IIQ from the game).
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