Season Six, Event 158: 1 Hour Solo

maybe could've made 24 if I didn't desync hard at Geofri, putting me in the middle of a horde of blue multiproj lightning mages while under vulnerability.
Had to log and lost that huge blue pack/Geofri/spiders.

Crappiest start ever, iron ring drops only, no hp items, getting stunned every second. Then got 2 alch drops, yolo'd my weapon. Got only to 22 because of the worst start

IGN : Lyderis
it feels really weird to get whetstones :/

in the last 2 min
desync is problem of moving/getting stunned/tight corridords, nothing to do with lag/server/graphics
got ms after hailrake. too bad i never saw second qs drop :/ good rng this race. shame it didnt happen on sig. would have hit 24 easy with qs, i guess even 2m is doable
ign: arrowinhole
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its a shame
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Nothing good, due to aforementioned lag-death at level 3. :D
Fucked this one up royally. Not only was i 9 min late, but i used an alched rustic with my lone, hard-fought whetstone on my 13 woodsplitter. :( Had to jump through hoops to make a game of it, only reason i could was i had a glut of transmutes this race. Insult to injury: i reached 17.84%.


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