Sacrifice of the Vaal: Teaser Screenshot #1

With deployment of Sacrifice of the Vaal just over two weeks away, we're going to start releasing screenshots that hint at the changes it contains. Today's screenshot shows an item that my internal testing character has in its inventory.

Here's a linked copy of the item:

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So whitey white.
IGN: Aux
fOR THe corrupted part im pretty sure its something like
corrupted item gives you twice its value in stats for the linked skill, but you lose the mana cast as life each X seconds

Chris can you tell us if the white socket recipe is in the game or will be added


to start with

cursed(traped within) is the star (prismatic: colour, colour comes from light, light from star)
seared the surface of the orb... its fucking round
filed the scars... its cracked
Trapped within, within what? the blade? the blade is crystal clear and he's in it, void home

tried a shitload of thing involving exalts

now you just make me wanna try

and need chitus
since they were all corrupted
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First page ? Anyway, white socket heh ? Nice one
I Demand that there be Pants for the Expansion
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Twilight sword thingy finally going to matter.

M3 skill icon has a blood drop icon on it, I guess that's a corrupted skill gem?
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Damn, that white socket :v
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