Path of Exile: Sacrifice of the Vaal

Let it begin.

Lol...bump the realm to fix a "small" problem. Or...sneak in the update :)
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Completed 20 ChallengesZelpo wrote:
I think I made a mess in my pants

That's why the templar doesn't wear pants.
Build of the week #9 - Breaking your face with style
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Thanks for this great game and the work you put into it.
My money is spent very well.
Much excitement to be had for the next few weeks!
Sweetly! I love it!
my CI body is ready
I must say that i'm very interested by the practical effects of the corruption and its translation through game mechanics.

Hopefully it'll be cunning and well wrought.
Torturer Empathetic.
Cant wait to collect thoose pieces.
Bust a move!

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