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Path of Exile's first mini-expansion, Sacrifice of the Vaal, launches at 1pm PST on March 5. It expands the core game and sets the pace for our ongoing four-monthly updates. Today we're proud to announce both the name and theme of the update, while teasing some of the scope of how far the Vaal corruption has spread through Wraeclast.

More information will be teased and released over the following two weeks, with a full reveal of content on February 28 at the culmination of our upcoming press tour!


Teaser Screenshot #1
Teaser Screenshot #2
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The Queen of Sacrifice is here;
I can not wait, to see the corruption that is soon to envelop the world of Wraeclast.

The broken mask looks intriguing - a puzzle of parts perhaps.

Loving the slight update of the background of the site too! :D

The clock is ticking.
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That just happened.
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Aw lawd...
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