Season Six, Event 143: 100 Minute Fixed Seed

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Helmann broke a record.
The chance to roll +1% maximum resists on an amulet is less than 1/300.
Damn i had to relog twice to avoid death. also forgot to use transmutes on the rings, amulets and other gear. lvl 25 at the end

Gear wise i cant complain

and this i found at upper submerged
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no ms or qs ever
raccee wrote:
racing on a singleplayer league that desyncs.. wait what?

there is a one week race and the 100 min fixed seed

And i am running through Submerged Passage and see the life going down without seeing mobs. Then i "jump" into a mobgroup. I take life flask an run out, blocked from some mobs and wait a little bit. Then i saw the second time life go down without mobs and stand another time in this mob group. So i kill them and go further. Then i will go into the next cave and see the resurrect button.
If that problem is one time in 10 oder 15 races like in season 5 or 4 then i life with that.
But i cant race without the problem if i am verry fast i die mostly on desync.

AND Its not only me. there are many people dieing on desync. And ggg dont solve it, but increase it with 2 races at the same time.

Thats what i hate.

Mostly i survive the desync. But its a race fun killer.
You should expect to desync in tight passages and any doors. After you run through bunch of mobs, always write oos. Its not that hard
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