I just killed a kitten

Growing up on a farm where irresponsible pet owners liked to drop off their unwanted pets and being forced to "take care of them" I can sympathies. Were i lived out of city limits, the pound wouldn't accept them and my family couldn't possibly afford to feed the dozens of animals that got dropped off over the years so we would have to kill them occasionally. Dogs tend to pack up and chase after livestock, they get diseased and dangerous etc.. growing up like that i became desensitized to seeing dead dogs and cats but I still always felt bad about it. my dad always expressed his hatred for the assholes who dropped these animals off and regret for having to do what needed to be done. We took in what we could though. we always had a few dogs and cats running around the house when growing up and always a litter of puppies or kittens and sometimes like your dog they would get to rough with the cats and kill them accidentally, specially kittens I remember losing 5 or 6 of them to a stray blue healer we kept around that literally licked them to death. These things happen and as sweet as they can be animals are big dumb creatures who will do stupid crap like that from time to time.
one time I saw a cat on the road that had got hit by a car. I felt bad for it, so I took in and drove it to my house. I then whipped together some potent medicine consisting of whatever bud I had left, birch tree bark, and some aspirin. I gave it to him so he could die without pain. Then I buried him in the back of my trailer.....
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ionface wrote:
I'm sorry you killed a kitten, you must be feeling sick. Animals aren't people though, they don't think or feel the same ways as people do, try not to dwell on it for too long.

Animals don't think as we do (whether or not this is in their favor is a debate for another time), but to claim they have no feelings is patently untrue.

Animals know joy, fear, affection (even love), loyalty, shame... Just because they aren't sapients (in the sense that we, as humans are) doesn't mean that they don't experience a wide spectrum of emotional states. They have personalities, just as people do (some cats/dogs/what have you will exhibit entirely different behaviors from others of their own kind, even when raised in the same environment).

Animals can even experience friendships outside their own species, beyond human interaction.

MonstaMunch knows what I mean, I'm sure. =^[.]^=
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VictorDoom wrote:

Can you please tell me in which country you live? So that I never set foot in it.
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Oh wow, I just found a hilarious typo in the English version of my Kant citation.

Perfectly applicable to PoE.
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