SHARP's Step by Step (Low Budget) leveling guide from 1 to 90+ LvL **Updated for SotV

Newbie Friendly Build with Low Budget / CI Version
A step by step Guide


I had many friends asking for a build which is newbie friendly , i.e. not so expensive but within total 1-2 Ex for all items till 70+ and then 15-20 Ex budget for up to 90+. This guide will focus for those friends..

Before proceeding further pls be informed that:

*** Everything in this guide has written by self testing..

*** It will get you from LvL 1 to 90+
and will hope you will get enough currency one day to shift to our main OP but expensive CI Immortal build (*) which it wont be so painful since this guide will use the basic route of main build.

(*) or to any build u wish by a serious respect with plenty of regrets

*** You will level easily and wont die if nothing happens unexpectedly..
1- you will not be able to kill all Map Bosses and will accept to skip some such as Vaal, Dominus...
2- you will be able to do all maps (including 77-78 lvl maps) but not with highly difficult modifiers..

Pls kindly note that we never need to get down all Bosses for leveling .. It is ofc possible to kill everything but then the build needs more and more currency to get proper items, etc.. which is not our case..Unfortunately, to handle all with a limited 15-20 ex budget is beyond of my knowledge and experience.

*** If these are not in your expectations this guide is not for you...

Else.. Here we go

Pls note that I only used the items in my stash.. all uniques we need up to 60Lvl are called as "1 alchemy - 1 chaos uniques" :)
The Unique items we will use for lvling

Chest... Use from drops

pls find below a sample set for end game maps we will need when we r at 69-70 Lvl.. Pls also note that I didnt have a proper 5L chest ,so I put a 6L chest but used only 5 sockets.. The main part of the budget will be spent for 1H (high attack speed and >340 pDps), if u r a bit lucky u get a proper one for 10-12 Ex..

A sample gear set for LvL 70+

First "a MUST" items: Helmet and Amulet...

And others...

Three free spot ; I used for gem leveling

we only need 5L ; I had 6L in stash and left 1 socket empty as if it is a 5L

Skill to be used: Up to 70 LvL
Spectral Throw (ST) for AoE and range attack
Double Strike (DS) for single (Boss) targets

Section 1: 1-20 Pts (first get 5 mana nodes)


1-12 lvl: DualWield Redbeaks..

13-29 Lvl:

** Change Chest and rings whenever u have better drops
** At 27 lvl u will need 92 strength for the new 2H; prepare yourself accordingly
** best if we have 2*4L items:
- RRRG for DS
- GGGR for ST + Added Fire Dmg + Faster projectiles

..... 13 LvL: use 2H Limbslit (~ 300/180 Life/Mana and 110-140 dps)

..... 18 LvL: Exp farming at Fellshrine up to 24 lvl

..... 19 LvL: Add LMP (Lesser Mult. Projectiles) gem to ST 4L
..................Add Melee Splash + Multi Strike gems to DS 4L

..... 26 LvL: Go till the end of Western Forest and finish Thaumetic Seal quest; get a passive point

Section 2 : 21 - 32 pts (getting Iron Reflex)


.... 27 LvL:

** Get 2H Geofri's Baptism (need 92 str).. I changed my 2 rings to reach this value. (life 400+ / 300+ mana . ST: 200+ / DS: 600+ dps )

** Kill all bandits. Easily done by face tanking with DS

.... 29 LvL: Vaal Down : Face tanking except dodging Smash

Section 3: 33 - 42 Pts ( getting Resolute Techniques ) we will be 37 lvl at 42 pts..

Tree :

30 - 37 LvL:
Below is the first route I do when I reach Act3 of each difficulty (Standart-Cruel-Merciless)

.... 30 LvL: Do the first quest to get Clarissa back to town and get the key to the sewer

.... 31-32 Lvl: Join to a party from the board to get the WP of DOCKs

** Get the 1st green item from Supply Container at Docks

** Pass to Battlefronts.. go directly to right side and get the 2nd green item from the Blackguard Chest..

** Get the entrance to Solaris from Battlefronts and deliver the green items to Lady Dialla

.... 33 LvL: Enter to sewer and get the WP at Warehouse Sewer and proceed to nearby Undying Blockage..

** At sewers be careful about Flickers and Chaos bombers ( Undying Alchemists)

** get the WP at Ebony Barracks and teleport to Battlefront; proceed to the Marketplace (always at around NE corner of Battlefront section)

** Get WP near to Catacombs

** Grap the quest item Decanter and enter to the Marketplace Sewer for the last q item for Victorio's Secrets.

.... 34 LvL: General Gravicius down.. Face tanking as usual with DS attack skill.

** Pass to Imperial Garden and get WP and teleport back to Barracks

** Enter Lunaris and get WP.. If u meet with Mr Kole , just skip him..

** If u r not 37 lvl yet, farm Docks and or Lunaris to reach 37 lvl..

.... 37 LvL: Piety Down.. Face tanking with DS skill

** we get Resolute technique.. that means we dont need accuracy stat on items anymore..
therefore change gloves and amulet.. ( I had 500+ Life / 500+ Mana with new gloves and amulet)

Section 4: 43-58 pts (getting 2nd aura) 48 LvL at 58 point

Tree :

38-48 LvL:

.... 38 LvL: Aura HASTE up ( DPS.. ST: 260+ / DS: 1200+ )

** Sceptre of God and Dominus : Face tanked except Hand of God ; just dodge it.. easy..

**************************** CRUEL ***********************************

.... 39 LvL:

** DS 4L RRRG // DS + MultiStrike + Splash + Melee Phy. Damage

** Change Chest with Icetomb

** change boots

** resists to be capped (if needed change rings)

** Aura: HATRED .. always up

.... 40-41 LvL: The Ledge xp farming

.... 42 LvL: Prison and Brutus.. Use DECOY Totem , some dmg with ST and finish with DS - Face tanking

.... 43 LvL: Marveil .. Face tanking ( Life 550+ / 550+ mana, 200 Es , DPS: DS.. 2000+ ST.. 400+ ; dont forget Hatred aura is always UP)

.... 44 LvL: Fellshrine.. xp farming till 46 lvl

.... 46-47 LvL: Chamber of Sins and Crypt ; then to Western Forest to finish quest 'the way forward'..

.... 48 LvL: 2 AURA is possible now... HATRED + HASTE up

** Life 600+ / Es:200 / Mana 520 , after 2 auras left only 90 mana but np at all to spam our skills thnx to high mana regen and Mana Leech...

** Weaver's Chamber

** BANDITs TIME: Help OAK ; Kill others.. Face Tanking

Section 5: 59-67 pts (getting some life nodes)

49-54 LvL:

.... 49-50 LvL: Vaal Ruins

.... 50 LvL: Vaal Down.. Face tanking except his Smash attack..

.... 50-54 LvL: Docks.. farm xp..

.... 54 LvL:

** Piety down.. Face tanking

** Preparing for Dominus and onwards: We will use those items till 70 lvl..
1- get a new 2H > 330 pDps (3-5 chaos)
2- u can now change your rings,belt,gloves and amulet such that:
2a.. Your Fire,Cold and Lightning resists > 115
2b.. Chaos resist > 40 (more better) *** these values are shown in your character screen in paranthesis ****
2c.. Life > 1400 (more better)
2d.. Life Leech and Mana Leech = 2

some sample items for LvL 54

with Mana Leech
with Life Leech

Section 6 : 68-89 pts (3rd aura and some more life nodes for merciless days)
70 LvL at 87 pts (with some passive points unused yet)..


55-70 LvL:

.... 55 LvL: Dominus Down.. Dodge his "Hand of God" attack; else face tanking

**************************** MERCILESS ***********************************
We will be fully ready at 70 LvL to use our end game gear..
You have only 7 lvls to have all items..(see the spoiler at the beginning of this guide for a sample set of gear for 70+ LvL)

Pls find below some useful info about stats u will be after on items:

1H... >330 physicalDPS (pDPS) and high iAS > 1.90
Es SHIELD... > 400Es (if possible with % Mana regen)
Chest... Ar/Es or Eva/Es
** as possible as with high armor / Eva value + Es>500
** 5L: RRRRG or RRRGG (6L: RRRRGG is best or RRRRRG )
Gloves... Eva/Es (if possible with ASpeed and #-# Phy. Dmg)
Belt... a Rustic Sash with +Armor and Es
Rings... If possible with + Eva / #-# Phy. Dmg / +Es / ASpeed

**** Have all resists capped
**** No need for Life and Chaos Resist (we will be CI)

**************************** ******** ***********************************

.... 56-58 LvL: Ledge xp farm

.... 58 LvL:

** Fetid Pool + Tidal Island + The Prison

** Marveil down.. Use Decoy Totem + Face Tanking

.... 59-60 LvL: Fellshrine xp farm till 60 lvl

.... 60 LvL:

** Chamber of Sins And Crypt

** Your 60% Auras should be decreased now to 29% mana reserve. Start using 3 auras from now on.. HATRED + GRACE + DETERMINATION

** If u have Abyssus Unique helmet in your stash You can use it. It increases your dps a lot. If not, no problem at all; we dont need it for leveling.. I had it in my stash but I didnt use it.

.... 61 LvL: BANDIT Time.. Kill ALL.. easily face tanking

.... 62 LvL: The Caverns And Ancient Pyramid to Vaal

.... 63 LvL: Vaal down.. No face tanking.. we dont have enough life yet. Dodge his Smash and Lightning Beam attacks and keep dpsing during his all other attacks.. Also use Decoy Totem.. We will proceed the same steps as given for LvL 30+ for Act 3..

.... 63-65 LvL: Same as 31-32 lvl and farm Docks till 65 LvL

.... 66 LvL: Kill Piety.. You can easily solo her with face tanking (have some life pots) and use Decoy Totem if u need ( I didnt )

.... 66-70 LvL: Farm Lunaris and Spectre of God and Library + Archives..
Note: If u feel not comfortable at Spectre and Library sides u can easily lvl at Docks till 70.. Do not spend last passive points yet we will respect to CI at 70 lvl..

Section 7 : 90 pts (Getting CI and respecting for final build)

70 - 90+ LvL:

below is our passive tree at LvL 70.. We cancel all life nodes and get CI..


**** Always pop manually the Blood rage at start and refresh if needed.. During fights when u get enough dmg to proc CwDT, the Blood rage in this set will replace your manual blood rage.
Pls make some trial runs and be familiar to use manual Blood rage; it helps a lot to your dps (by creating Frenzy charge) and will give u free Life Leeching for your physical dmg part.

**** Pop 4 Auras : Hatred + Discipline + Determination and Grace.. You will have only 12% of total mana pool which will be around 100+ mana. No problem at all it will be enough to use your double strike continously..

**** You should have at least 2% Mana leech on your gear (rings + amulets + gloves are the main source for this stat).. That will be enough to fulfill your tiny mana pool very quick.

**** No need to carry Life and Mana pots.. Just get flasks : Granite + Jade + Quicksilver always and Elemental resist flask(s) depending on map bosses ( Ruby or Topaz etc..)..

If you couldnt collect all gear needed yet for CI respect u can keep xp farming as 66-70 lvl and do some 66-67 lvl maps either.

.... 70-71 LvL: keep farming and do some maps 66-68..

.... 72 LvL: Dominus fight.. get him down.. dodge his Hand of god attack only.. rest face tanking.. pls find below the video for this Dominus fight (sorry for awful audio I had cold when I prepare this vid):

Dominus Fight 72 lvl solo

.... 72-78 LvL: Xp by farming , ok.. but where?

You have 2 choices: maps or (Lunaris 2-3 + Library + Spectre of God)

I have tested both at 72 lvl...

** the xp from 68-69 lvl maps was 7.5 - 8.5 million / map run
** the xp coming from a run of "Lunaris 2 + 3" (up to Piety) was 8.5-10 million..

Therefore I suggest to do Lunaris etc.. up to lvl 79.. U can do some 66-69 maps either for fun and collect more maps..

.... 79-85 LvL: Map season.. blue or yellow maps?

will continue soon..

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nice guide, will follow your progress
nice guide, will follow your progress

Ty mate.. hope u enjoy..
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Awesome will do this next after I finish my ranger or she dies.
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Awesome will do this next after I finish my ranger or she dies.

Hi mate.. nice to hear u again..
hope she doesnt die and u only use this guide for your new character only..

enjoy bro..

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