...::: [1.1.0] TK's ST CoC Shadow aka THE WELDER :::...

Yea yea, yet another OP CoC build, let us enjoy ourselves until the nerf :)

Is this build really OP? #trollface#
Well as most of CoC builds his burst damage can be quite spectacular. On the other hand this IS kind of glass cannon, you can get mauled on occasions, you need lot's of specialized crit gear, it's hard to stack IIR/Q bonuses, you cannot play all map modifiers, so there are good and bad sides. This build reminds me of discharger, so that says quite much.

This is spectral throw /CoC /dual dagger, max crit, armor/eva, life based shadow. It has low to medium gear cost requirements and it has high clearing speeds. It works well with 5L, that was his main perquisite. It has excellent mob group kill speed and good single target kill speed. It has flexible "weapons", you can swap attack spells at need (cold, fire or physical). You need to be careful with reflect.

How it works?
Nice thing about this build is that damage scales progressively, more enemies come at you, more damage you deal. Your dagger crit should be near 90%, and spectral throw (with improved range) guarantees many small crit hits over large area, generating spell hailstorm. Even when you move and reposition (or retreat), spectral blades still fly around critting and you'll emit spells constantly. You also have 40-50% spell crit chance (better with Ice spear) and your spells often shotgun enemy in place (hit all at same target), piercing and wreaking havoc in general, just try to get as much enemies as possible in 'kill zone' of spectral throw, and damage output will always be high. Yes bosses fall down very fast too.

Villa Map lvl 70 Gameplay, agile enemies, lots of kiting

Lvl 73 Dry Peninsula Map +Boss Kill, 6L/TABULA -triple spell mayhem :)

Rare Lvl 74 Underground River Map +Boss /Mob's +34% Health modifier.; Spells FB-IS-FP
I've made mistake on boss and nearly died (whirled into his arms :) but that is beside the point - he is though single target mob and look at the rate his health goes down -like 50% in two seconds. If anyone still wandered about single target damage output. Btw if you notice unusually large number of ST's "miss" on occasion - it's not low chc chance, it's desync.

This Underground Sea lvl70 with reflect modifier. I've removed LMP to eliminate burst damage and using Ark-AB-EK spells (I still had 5L there). Not very fast but doable.

Lvl 74 Residence gameplay. Resi lowered to 54%, lots of tough mobs, still very smooth run. Mobility and DPS of build nicely shown.

Short History
Basically I was Danmaku user (or what's left of it since it cannot stack EK anymore) and this build has strong danmaku legacy which includes around 90% of unbuffed dagger crit chance. Yep. Thanks DonaldF. However I was horribly annoyed that 5L users had to rely on single attack spell. It was good build but not as badass-mofo-OP as before :) Since my last two chars used spectral throw I wanted something different so I've tried cyclone but S. throw as usually prevailed as safer and more deadly /more crit proccing. My original idea was to use 150 pDPS damage daggers and leech life/mana with gear but that proved to be unnecessary. Mana can be regened and life leech you mostly don't need, if you do - you have unlimited/always full life flasks, but in case you want sacrifice ring slot, Berek's Grip works good, hurry grab one while it can be found cheaper then EX (if).

Bandit Rewards
Attack Speed(Kraityn)
Skill point (Kill all)

Attack Spell Choices
Build works with 5L(2 attack spells) or 6L(3 attack spells)
I have tested many of attack spells and to put this simply you need projectile/aoe spell because only they work with LMP.

Fireball - best damage, best range good chc(crit chance), ignites - clear winner
Ice Spear - medium damage, excellent range, pierces, excellent crit at phase2, chills - on fist sight damage seems medium but when you know this thing pierces ant then crits then you know why it's best choice.
Freezing Pulse Medium-Short range, great AoE, pierces, freezes. Really good choice. Recommended quality on gem!

My personal preference is FB and Ice spear. Fantastic range, pierce, insane crit damage of second form of ice spear are just great. And you don't need to re-chrome your gear. On third slot either FP or AB.

Arctic Breath - AoE, medium damage, excellent range, medium crit, chills ground
decent choice, simple attack medium spell.
EK - Huge AoE, great damage, medium range, medium crit. Physical, so you split reflect damage if needed. Cannot shotgun. Weak synergy with LMP.
Arc - Chains, low-medium damage, good range, medium crit, shock stacks (good for party play), cannot shotgun. Not sure how it works with LMP.

Increased Critical Damage Sturdy 35-40% more of dps for both spells /drawback - it affects ST too and increases mana cost! :)
Concentrated Effect Should improve AoE damage by whooping 75%+ but it works only with certain spells (like FB and AB) - personally I haven't noticed THAT much better dps with this as it theory should be. I'm still rather using third spell but I test it constantly.

Reflect Issues, Life Leech
This build weirdly has no BIG reflect problems, all you have to do is be carefull and kill off reflect pack bit by bit - don't just stand there and open a valve :) You can even run reflect damage maps but clearing speed is slower. You can pull out LMP to reduce burst damage and introduce EK instead. Berek's Grip helps quite much there.

Weirdly this build works quite well without Life leech. You kill fast and are very mobile zapping around (check my first vid) I use my first ring (crit, IIR) up to lvl 73 /easier map modifiers. On limited resources regen or reflect I take my Berek's Grasp ring.

Passive Tree
5L Tree (75)
Further then this - more crit nodes or simply more projectile damage nodes (you have 9 nodes with 72% proj damage near overall) There is also small life circle near bloodthirst.

Tabula Tree (81)
Few armor points respecced because with tabula - synergy is just weak. More life grabbed.

My current tree (85)
This is my final Acro-Spell acro version that I'm currently using. Slightly less HP but overall more resilient.

Tree Stats

+114 to Strength
+233 to Dexterity
+143 to Intelligence
+127.5 to maximum Mana
+125 to maximum Life
Evasion Rating: 53
+3 Maximum Endurance Charge
+3 Maximum Frenzy Charge
+3 Maximum Power Charge
4% Additional Elemental Resistance per Endurance Charge
4% Physical Damage Reduction per Endurance Charge
5% Attack Speed Increase per Frenzy Charge
5% Cast Speed Increase per Frenzy Charge
50% Critical Strike Chance Increase per Power Charge
125% increased Weapon Critical Strike Chance while Dual Wielding
194% increased maximum Life
64% increased Physical Damage with Daggers
160% increased Critical Strike Chance with Daggers
15% reduced Mana Reserved
8% increased effect of Auras you Cast
3% increased Movement Speed
240% increased Critical Strike Chance
12% increased Armour
39% increased Projectile Damage
14% additional Chance to Block while Dual Wielding
2% increased Attack Speed with Daggers
40% increased Critical Strike Multiplier for Spells
16% increased Physical Weapon Damage while Dual Wielding
32% increased maximum Mana
50% increased Critical Strike Multiplier
30% increased Block and Stun Recovery
8% increased Melee Physical Damage
+2 to Melee Weapon and Unarmed range
60% increased Mana Regeneration Rate
38% increased Attack Speed
32% increased Evasion Rating and Armour
Ignore all Movement Penalties from Armour
20% increased Projectile Speed
16% increased Accuracy Rating while Dual Wielding
20% increased Accuracy Rating
24% increased Spell Damage
10% increased maximum Energy Shield
60% increased Critical Strike Chance for Spells
12% increased Radius of Auras
30% Chance to Avoid being Stunned
1% of Life Regenerated per Second
+28.6% Energy Shield
+22.8% increased Melee Physical Damage
+466 Accuracy Rating
46.6% increased Evasion Rating

Simply level to end of cruel using good 2H unique and double strike strike /multistrike /melee splash in it. When you grab most of near crit nodes, go to CoC. Tree should look like this, approx:
Merc Tree

          Recommended Leveling Uniques          

In case you're poor and cannot afford 5L, buy 5L str/eva white armor (3-5 chaos) ALT/Augment it until good health /resi roll on it then yolo Regal. You can scour if unsatisfied ofc and repeat whole procedure.

Gem links

CHEST Spectral Throw - LMP - CoC - Fireball - Ice Spear (6th link FP) /GGGBBB
HELM Red. Mana - Haste - Purity - Whitling Blades /GGRB (Full eva helm, best I can do)
BOOTS CwDT-Enduring Cry - Immortal Call - Increased duration /RRRR
GLOVES Decoy Totem - Lighnt. Warp - Crit. Weakness - Enfeeble /RBBB (if you can...)
WEAPON 1 BM - Clarity - Red.Mana /RRB
WEAPON 2 CwDT - End. Cry - Decoy Totem /RRR

My gear


It's.... all pretty clear. Gear is not that expensive except 'Nest' which goes for 2 EX but you could do without it I guess. So high crit gear, Rat's Nest, crit. jewelry, daggers with over 9,4 crit chance recommended, some spell damage if possible, same for attack speed. I have nearly 100% IIR, above this is not easy. You will need low lvl clarity on life /BM (I use lvl 6, around 200 HP less). Carry your alternative skills on swap weapons. Auras I use are Clarity(on life), Purity and Haste. Ofc you can use hatred with EK combinations if you think it's necessary.

For curses Crit. weakness. when you lack chc. Enfeeble is good on bosses but ele. weakness improves damage best by my calculations (and testing)

That's it more or less, don't take Iron reflexes for this build, Eva is good, you won't get hit often /stunlocked, use whirling blades to reposition quickly. Use at least one gear piece with CwDT and skeletons and Decoy totem, distraction is always good.

I've Incorporated Berek's Grasp ring, I've used to use it on maps with halved or no mana /life regen but life leech from it ensures smoother and safer gameplay. You can actually tank things with it and no need to kite that much. If you can afford it, grab one. Not mandatory but quite welcome.


Tabula or 6L
Most builds benefit from 6L but none as CoC builds. It's 50% flat more damage, pure and simple. You actually can keep resi capped with Purity, but you'r life won't be that great, around 3500 (with Clarity) so this is true Glass Cannon in full sense of word. Thread carefully, some mobs can be quite dangerous. This build is quite badass with 5L but 6L damage output is spectacular, some people in parties might object to sheer number of spells emit from you. Check my second video to see Tabula in action (FB+IS+AB)

That is all for now folks, I will add up material as necessary, if you have questions ask away, hope you liked it guys, gl.

/More stuff added.
/Video Added, Ring added.
/Spells re-written, 6L Video added, "6L" part added
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[Build] TK's CoC Crit Shadow aka THE WELDER /view-thread/787487
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IGN STD Ajax_Deadeye| Nathaniel_Corwin| Itane_Shira| Tetra_Mayani| Arkanis_Gath
[Build] TK's CoC Crit Shadow aka THE WELDER /view-thread/787487
[Shop] TK's Adventurers Pawnshop /view-thread/570071
I wouldn't like to party with you, that's for sure :P

And yeah, I don't think that one would need nerf if he's destroying a 67 lvl monster area.
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ARPG devs really have some sickening anti-melee agenda.
Scratch that, Spectral Throw.


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i bet a crown of eyes would make this build pretty silly. probably, i don't have one myself.
No Life Leech?
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tinko92 wrote:
I wouldn't like to party with you, that's for sure :P

Well I tend to shoot away from group, into the darkness :)


And yeah, I don't think that one would need nerf if he's destroying a 67 lvl monster area.

It was mere mechanics demonstration. I can play any map I get my hands to - I never played high end maps (74+) with it, I'm too casual /too poor, but build has potential for it definitely.

Wishinan wrote:
No Life Leech?

No, weirdly it's mostly not needed. Mobs tend to die before they can harm you and you are very mobile repositioning with whirling blades /backflippig - and your range is offscreen. I have unlimited flasks (recharge on crit) but again, I use them quite rarely. I have even this

But again, it's not needed, for now. Maybe on high end maps, who knows.
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[Build] TK's CoC Crit Shadow aka THE WELDER /view-thread/787487
[Shop] TK's Adventurers Pawnshop /view-thread/570071
You should try this with double Ungil's Gauche. You'll get +40% block chance = maxed block. Global critical multiplier will be even 20% higher. The only setback - less weapon critical chance, but Ungil's attack speed is 1.55 which, I think, will even it out. If your mana can keep up. Your durability will improve drastically.
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if you start mapping, you will see that elemental reflect will kill you in a few secs. I dont see that this build is endgame vaible. Therefore you need Vaalpact and some lifeleech I think
Yep. Once I hit 70 maps, even with my dedicated party build, I had to scale back the damage a lot in favor of not murdering myself.

Edit: Still no Vaal Pact on my build either though; I just move slower and check the mods on monsters before engaging them. Fair trade for the point investment, IMO.
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