1.0.4 Patch Notes

Chris, almost no one is pvpin ;_; HALLLP HALLLLLLPPPp
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Nice changes mostly, but can I qq about torture chamber boss?

This boss is still downright ridiculous. Am I right in saying that the beam is a DoT effect? If so, then that should be changed. I'm an acro/phase acro shadow with MoM, and that beam completely bypasses my mana pool and melts my HP like butter. Phase Acro doesn't seem to help either, and my guess is spell block would be equally useless.

I understand implementing map mods which are impossible for certain builds to do. But map bosses should be possible for every build to do, but atm that beam renders acro and MoM useless.

If it's a DoT effect, I wonder how it'd be like for ppl doing the boss with vulnerability as a mod.
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That beam arguably renders every build useless.
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My spell block seems to manage fine, but I think it's stupid that all dots ignore Cast When Damage Taken, and Mind Over Matter effects...

One could argue then being a negative regeneration, but then that would make Vaal Pact negate all dots...

Cmon guys, they're damage, and these things react to damage taken.
Players must now be level 2 or higher before they can use global or trade chat, unless they have previously had a level 25 character on their account.

A job well done once again, GG.
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I'm not sure if its just me but the poison cloud from poison arrow doesn't do any damage when I have ancestral bond. was this intentional or not?
Depends on if the poison cloud/arrow was placed/shot by a totem or you, I imagine.
for one thing, poison arrow can't be shot by a totem to begin with. but I heard that the poison cloud would still do damage even if not shot by the totem under ancestral bond. I'm just wondering if this is a glitch or it was intentional since my poison clouds aren't doing damage.
Hmm fire spells got buffed?

k, let me know when GGG decides to make Arc do some respectable damage.

Be back whenever that happens.

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