Elemental Equilibrium Summoner


after long thoughts of some not so mainstream build i came up with this.

Ultimate Dmg Aura Summoner Single Totem + Self attack and Curse build.
NOTE: I just created it, no tweaks made, feel free to advice. And this build might be from fantasy tales.

This is the primary untweaked skill tree. This is templar's but there is no difference between him and witch.

Some passives to mention.
Leadership - Increases Aura Range (50%, distance is always good)
Inner Force - not sure if worth it, but increases aura stats (need advice)
Shock on lightning attacks - these will be important to apply shock for increased damage.
Minion instability - Summoner's main skill.
Immolation and Pyromaniac - To increase minion instability's effectiveness.


Short and clear, ill be mainly summmoner + some support attacks like totem and self cast. Will try to use Elemental equilibrium, here's how it will work in my opinion. I'll have Anger Aura so that my summons attack with FIRE ELE DMG. Next, i'll have a single totem with some Ice Spell ( thinking of ice spears+LMP+......) and finally I'll be casting some LIGHT ELE spell to apply shock effects (for increased damage). These all things will make me a 3 different element caster and ELE EQ will work nicely i hope(since it got buffed it will be even better).

Haven't tried in closed beta, so what do you guys think, is it viable?
You have a ton of points used; most people plan out for 80pts tops or so. What you currently have would need a character above the level cap.

I was curious about the EE summoning too but unfortunately it just doesn't work. EE takes into account only the damage you make, which means you'd be giving the mobs a lightning resistance over and over.

The fire damage increase does absolutely nothing for the minion instability (http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/55617/page/2). It's the same as with EE, your minions and you are treated as separate. I think the only way to get more fire bonuses to your minions would be through a shield and necromantic aegis.
IGN: Jid
Hmm, then what if I focus on lightning and cold as my and my totem damage + aura for zombies. Instability deals fire damage, does it count as my damage? In this case me and my minions would both deal lightning/cold making enemies less fire resistant (instability damage boosted?)
I am pretty sure dealing lightning/cold with EE would allow your minion instability to deal more damage. However, increasing the mob resists in the first place is pretty unfriendly to people you may potentially party with. I know a lot of people run lighting builds (since shock increases all damage to the target by 40%). I can see even running lighting AoE as a backup damage source for your minions. Things like Spark would allow you to attack around some obstacles while your minions run at the enemy.

Long story short, just don't use EE.

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